Cambridge Local Plan 2012

We have submitted our responses to the Cambridge Local Plan Issues & Options Consultation. Thanks to members who joined our Subgroup to work through this large document.

You can read our newsletter article about the background to this exercise and its relevance to cycling.

By way of a summary, the key points that we make in our submission below are:

  1. Cambridge should be aiming for 40% of trips by cycle. The level of housing growth in and around the city is such that any other policy will lead to even further levels of congestion. (See Representation 14949 and others nearby.)
  2. New developments must be planned to Dutch standards of provision for cycling and walking. The Local Plan should adopt this as a major new policy. (See Representation 14949 and others nearby.)
  3. Dutch-quality infrastructure, that we argue for, can be defined as follows:


    1. A network of properly-segregated cycleways that are more convenient than the road, with space properly allocated to enable this. These are not shared with pedestrians; retain priority at junctions (so they are safe and quick); are wide (2-3m wide, usually on both sides of the road); are continuous (i.e. fully joined-up); are properly surfaced with proper foundations. Major roundabouts should have tight geometries and a separate cycle ring.
    2. For minor, residential streets: 20mph speed limit, avoiding long uninterrupted stretches, home-zone feeling.
    3. Good quality, secure cycle parking – which is above all convenient – is also provided at residential areas and at all destination points.

    Gallery at:

    In other words, the kind of infrastructure that actively encourages new people to cycle rather than use the car, and which existing confident cyclists would not hesitate to use.

  4. Improvements to the Cycle Parking Standards, to improve their enforcement and to fix various problems. (See Representation 15027 and others nearby.)
  5. The need to safeguard land for the Chisholm Trail against development.
  6. Various comments on area-specific issues.
  7. Various other points.