Hills Road bus counts


Summary of results

  1. Between 4.31pm and 6.05pm on 4th November 2002, 33 buses travelled outbound along Hills Road, i.e. one every 2.8 minutes.
  2. Between 4.38pm and 5.30pm all except one bus took more than two minutes. However, during this peak period of a little less than one hour there were no very high transit times:

    2mins – 3mins: 4 buses
    3mins – 4mins: 4 buses
    4mins – 5mins: 5 buses
    5mins – 6mins: 5 buses

    No buses took longer than 6 minutes
    No bus passengers can be said to have been delayed for as long as 4 minutes.

  3. To drive along the length of the proposed bus lane at a steady 30mph takes a little under one minute. There is one bus stop along the stretch of the proposed bus lane but less than 50% of buses stop at it. Most bus waits at this bus stop are short, usually less than 10 seconds. But there is much turning traffic along this stretch and in normal traffic conditions buses take up to two minutes to traverse the proposed bus lane.


  • Delays to passenger are much more likely to be caused by waiting for a bus that fails to show than delays on this section of road.
  • Tackling bus delays should start elsewhere, e.g. fare collection methods, and control of departure times from Drummer Street. In addition better enforcement of waiting/loading regulations would benefit both public transport and cyclists.
  • Have the authorities collected such data, and will it be published as part of the consultations?