Highway Code (proposed changes 2007): Parliamentary petition

Thanks to all who posted this. A staggering 1,190 signatures were presented by David Howarth MP, having all been received within the space of two days. Please don’t forget to sign the online petition to the Prime Minister and take other actions.

A total of 1,297 signatures were received as of 29th May 2007.

David Howarth MP is to present a petition to Parliament on Friday 18th May.

Please complete and POST the form below URGENTLY – it must arrive by the morning of Thursday 17th May at the very latest – to:

David Howarth MP, David House, Room 4/11, Norman Shaw North, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

David Howarth will be presenting a Public Petition to the House of Commons. Petitions are used by MPs to inform the Government about an issue on which their constituents hold strong views. If an MP is formally presenting the petition, as David Howarth will be, they make a brief statement explaining how the petition is from and the petitioners’ concerns.

In this case, David hopes to encourage other MPs in the House to sign the ‘Prayer’ Early Day Motion against the automatic acceptance of the revisions to the Highway Code. ‘Prayers’ such as this can lead to a proper parliamentary debate on the issue and the chance for the House to vote against the proposals.

(Please also sign the online Petition to the Prime Minister, which is separate.)