Grand Arcade Cycle Park – set to open on 27th March 2008?

Grand Arcade Cycle Park –
set to open on 27th March 2008?

We have written to the Planning Department to set forth our concerns about the progress of the Grand Arcade Cycle Park and its requirement to be fully open and managed in time for the opening of the Grand Arcade, which is a planning condition. We have been given so many unfulfilled assurances about the delivery of this part of the Grand Arcade that we no longer believe any assurances we are given.

Earlier campaigning on this issue:

John Lewis store opens with no cycle parking at all

Cycle store built but locked
Cycle store built but locked

A purpose-built 500 space customer Cycle Parking facility in Corn Exchange Street is sitting locked and unused next to Cambridge’s new John Lewis store. This is in spite of a legally binding agreement between the Grand Arcade developers and Cambridge City Council that the neighbouring Car Park should not be opened before the Cycle Park. The Car Park has been open since May.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign is calling on the parties concerned to make immediate temporary cycle parking arrangements until the cycle store can be properly fitted out.

What people have said

Following our conversation yesterday, I just wanted to inform you that the cycle park will open with the Annexe car park, external works in Corn Exchange Street (contra flow cycle lane) and the high level walkway. This should be at the end of September.

Lidia De Luca, Grand Arcade Information Centre Manager, 31 May 2007

[The contraflow did indeed open at the beginning of October, but the cycle park did not]

Oh, there’s no call for bike parking round here, people just leave their bikes leaning against railings everywhere.

John Lewis staff member
19 November 2007

Cycle Parking Facility:

USS shall not open the New Car Park until the Director [of Environment and Planning] has confirmed in writing that the Cycle Parking Facility is completed and operational with the Cycle Parking Facility Operating Specification AND FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT [their caps] the New Car Park shall not be opened until the Director has given such confirmation unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

Schedule 23 of the Section 106 agreement between the developers and Cambridge City Council, 10 March 2004

We understand your concerns about bike parking, we are having an under cover bike park built with about four hundred spaces, which will be completed by March 2008.

John Lewis Partnership,
2 December 2007

cycles piled up outside John Lewis

Cycles piled up outside John Lewis

Fisher Square, behind Lion Yard, used to have about forty cycle parking spaces. Now there is a rock. And nowhere to park.

Fisher Square, behind Lion Yard, used to have about forty cycle parking spaces. Now there is a rock. And nowhere to park.

16 Notwithstanding the applicant’s submitted details, prior to the commencement of the development hereby approved (including any demolition or enabling works) or in accordance with an alternative timetable which may be agreed in advance to reflect the phasing arrangements agreed pursuant to condition 02, full details of the cycle parking facility shall be submitted to and approved by the local planning authority including:
a. Cycle racks and spacing
b. Lockers and other facilities
c. Hours of opening
d. Management and charging regime
e. CCTV and security, including gates
f. The establishment, terms of reference and membership of a user group
g. Cycle and pedestrian access arrangements to the cycle park including details of the location, design, gradient and materials

Thereafter the arcades shall not be open for trade until the cycle parking facility has been completed and undertaken in accordance with the agreed details unless the local planning authority agrees to the variation of any detail in advance and in writing.

Reason: To ensure that the details of development are acceptable and meet cycle parking requirements generated by this development. (Cambridge Local Plan 1996 policies TR17 & TR18).

Planning permission decision notice, 2003

[The ‘arcades’ in this context apparently do not include the John Lewis store]