Gonville Crossing – petition, October 2006

The Campaign submitted the following petition to Cambridgshire County Council on 5th October.

We, the undersigned, call on Cambridgeshire County Council to restore Gonville Place crossing and to make it again convenient and safe for both cyclists and pedestrians. In particular we ask that the following changes are implemented without delay:

  1. The crossing should be made as wide as it was before recent alterations.
  2. The detector loops which change the traffic signals as cyclists approach should be reinstated.
  3. Full size traffic signals should be reinstated. They should be at the same height as those for motor vehicles and be clearly visible to approaching cyclists.
  4. Posts and other obstructions should be reduced in number to allow free movement of pedestrians and cyclists.

The petition was signed by well over 500 city residents, an extraordinary number as the petition was put together, signed and submitted to the Council in just a few days. We were told by the County Council that those living outside the city were not eligible to sign even though the council tax they paid contributed to the cost of the crossing. Many use the crossing daily on their way to work. If they had been eligible, we have no doubt from the responses that we have received that the petition would have been signed by hundreds more people.


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