Petition for the abolition of Cambridge City Centre daytime cycling ban

The City Council and the County Council are currently conducting a review of traffic policy – pedestrian, cycle and vehicle – in Cambridge City Centre.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign at its last Annual General Meeting reaffirmed its opposition to the City Centre daytime cycle ban which was imposed in 1992.

If you wish to join in opposing the ban, please sign, and encourage others to sign, this petition and return it to reach us by Thursday 18th October 2001 at the very latest.

Alternatively, copy it and send it by email, including both your email and postal addresses, to by the same date. Signatures are, of course, not needed in emails.


We, the undersigned, call for the abolition of the daytime cycling ban in Cambridge City Centre (especially in St Mary’s/Market Street and Sidney Street).

Name Signature Address (including postcode) Whether