CB1 Blue Block

Cambridge Cycling Campaign is very disappointed that the City Council has permitted this phase of the massive CB1 development to go ahead while the cycle parking provision is so poor.

Co-ordinator, Martin Lucas-Smith said:

“The Local Plan is clearly defective if, in a city of cycling, it is acceptable for brand new developments to have manifestly inconvenient cycle parking access via a car ramp with traffic lights, a steep staircase or lifts that barely fit two bikes. These won’t encourage people to see the bicycle as the obvious, convenient choice for many journeys.”

Although the developer improved the plans at the last minute as a direct result of our objections, these do not go far enough. The opportunity to make cycling the easiest form of transport on this development has been lost, meaning decades of bikes strewn around the development, unnecessarily increased car use and traffic, bicycle theft and inconvenience.

Councillor after Councillor expressed disappointment that the changes were “obviously a last-gasp effort” (in the words of Cllr Herbert) added in yesterday afternoon by the developer after our objections. Cllr Herbert went on to ask why it was necessary for the Cycling Campaign to have to intervene to get developers to improve an obviously bad initial proposal.

Jim Chisholm, who was at the meeting and presented our objection, said:

“The fact that the developments like this continually refer to ‘Cycle storage’ but ‘car parking’ is telling. Instead it should be the other way round. If people are to be tempted away from their cars, bicycles should, as the Council’s own guidance states, be easily accessible near the entrance and not be crammed in. The Planning Committee failed to require these objectives to be met.”

Martin Lucas-Smith added:

“It’s no good for the City Council to go on about Cambridge being a cycle-friendly Local Authority if it can’t even get basics like this right. If we are to see high levels of cycling and less traffic, it has to reject developments that cobble together barely acceptable proposals at the last minute.”


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