Absolute Bollards! Removing bad bollards

Bollards can be dangerous and obstructive to rightful use of pedestrian and cycle routes.

Badly-positioned bollards and chicanes can stop people with prams, wheelchairs, handcycles, tricycles and other mobility aids from accessing the safe off-road routes they need to make a journey.

Badly-designed bollards which are not easy to see result in collisions, and bollards which are hard and sharp cause more injury when there are collisions.

We are currently working on a design guide on when and how to use bollards in route design.

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The Excessive Bollard Budget

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We’re mapping Cambridge’s unnecessary or badly designed bollards and chicanes.

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Small amounts of money are assigned to local council groups to fix problems like this, such as the Local Highways Improvement programme. Where obstructions are on private land, councillors may have influence.

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We’re a charity and promotion and materials are part of our campaigning costs. We’d like to be able to print a bollards design guide once we we’ve written it, so we can distribute information to councillors and developers.