Berkley Street & Montagu Street (St Neots)

What is proposed?

The county has proposed two options for improving safety in the vicinity of the Eynesbury Primary School.


Option 1: place an experimental modal filter at the end of Montagu Street, just before the mini-roundabout at Berkley Street junction, in order to open up the road for walking and cycling while maintaining motor vehicle access to all properties.


Option 2: convert the junction of Montagu Street and Berkley Street from a mini-roundabout into a priority junction.

Our thoughts and position

We strongly support Option 1 because it would massively improve safety on narrow Montagu Street, especially in front of the Eynesbury Primary School. Option 1 would place an experimental modal filter at the end of Montagu Street, which would stop rat-running drivers from swooping through, and would make the street safe and relatively quiet, opening it up for people walking and cycling. Vehicular access to the school and the properties along Montagu Street would be maintained via the Luke Street junction. People walking and cycling could pass through the modal filter and continue to use Montagu Street as they always have, except they would be much safer and free to spread out across the road as needed. This would be very helpful at school pick-up and drop-off times, and would enable and encourage families to walk and cycle to school.

We do not support Option 2 because it does not meet the DfT guidance and will not produce a significant change in the status quo.

Does the proposal meet DfT guidance?

  • Option 1: yes, experimental modal filters are explicitly mentioned as road changes that would qualify for funding.
  • Option 2: no, changing a mini-roundabout to a priority junction does not represent significant road space reallocation to improve walking and cycling.