Consultation guide: GCP Haslingfield Greenway (Grantchester proposals)

Cover of the consultation booklet for the Grantchester section of the Haslingfield GreenwayName of consultation: GCP Haslingfield Greenway: proposals for Grantchester

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP)

Format: Online survey OR email  OR attend one of the in-person events mentioned on the consultation website.

Deadline: Midday on Friday 28 July.

Following two public consultations and engagement with the Grantchester community, the GCP has
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Options for a safe, inclusive route from Grantchester to Newnham

Grantchester is located only 2.3 miles from the centre of Cambridge and 2.7 miles from Cambridge station. Many people who live in Grantchester work in Cambridge, and Grantchester itself attracts visitors from Cambridge and beyond. It is also on the desire line for people walking and cycling from places like Haslingfield, Barton and Comberton. The
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