Take action for a safer and more accessible Sidgwick Avenue

Object now to the Sidgwick Avenue traffic regulation order

A Photoshop mock-up of what Sidgwick Avenue might look like as a walking and cycling priority street. Wildflowers are growing around the mature trees and there are areas of wooden seating.
A vision for Sidgwick Avenue

Camcycle strongly believes the proposed traffic regulation order for Sidgwick Avenue should not go ahead. It fails to align with the overarching Greenway vision and creates accessibility and safety issues. We would prefer to see something that can deliver a pedestrian and cycle zone as depicted in our visualisations.

Read our full objection to the Sidgwick Avenue TRO.

Please support our objection by sending an email or letter to policyandregulation@cambridgeshire.gov.uk quoting the reference number PR0947 before the end of August 2023. We suggest you write an objection on the grounds of safety and accessibility and call for a pedestrian and cycle zone to be considered instead.

Items to mention:

  1. The proposal does nothing to improve accessibility for pedestrians. The street is impassable for people in a wheelchair.
  2. One-way streets without traffic calming will likely result in higher vehicle speeds and increase the risks for cyclists.
  3. The proposed cycle lanes are below national standards.
  4. The narrow cycle lane is next to an uneven and broken kerb which will increase risk for cyclists.
  5. Vehicles will likely stop in the cycle lane to unload.
  6. The traffic island proposed at Queen’s Road is too narrow for large cycles and below national design standards.
A Photoshop mock-up of how Sidgwick Avenue could look as a pedestrian and cycle priority zone. Planters create a modal filter (motor vehicle access would be from each end).
Our vision for a pedestrian and cycle zone for Sidgwick Avenue