Nominate Camcycle for the £5,000 Climate & Environment draw

Help us win £,5000 for Camcycle’s work!

Nominations are open between 17 and 21 July 2023 for the Benefact Climate & Environment Special Draw. £5,000 is available for 10 charities working on climate and environmental issues and we’d love Camcycle to be one of those selected. We’d like to use the funds to support our Zero Carbon Streets project, empowering local communities to work for walking and cycling improvements in their neighbourhoods.

The more nominations a charity has, the more chance it has of winning, so we need all our members and supporters to get involved!

It takes less than a minute of your time to nominate Camcycle: just click on this link or the banner below and fill in your details on the Benefact webpage.

Movement For Good - Nominate us today

And while you are there…

If you have another minute to spare, please also nominate us for the £1,000 Movement for Good charity donation draw. Use our charity number 1138098 or the name ‘Cambridge Cycling Campaign’ in the search box. There are two more of these £1,000 draws before the end of the year so nominations made now will give us twice the chance of benefitting.