Consultation Guide: Addenbrooke’s Roundabout

Name of consultation: GCP Addenbrooke’s Roundabout

From: The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP)
Time to complete:
 5 minutes (plus time to read the associated information)
Format: Online survey OR email comments to

Deadline: midday on Monday 24 July

Following the death of Anna Garrett-Quinton at the Addenbrooke’s roundabout, the county council has commissioned the GCP to include the junction within its Cycling Plus scheme for the A1134 (the ring road between here and the Coldham’s Lane Sainsbury’s). There is a small pot of funding available from the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority to complement funding from the GCP if the scheme can be progressed by 2024. However, that won’t be enough for a full redesign, so the GCP has focused on the Fendon Road arm of the roundabout and the crossing over the southern arm of Hills Road (which leads into Babraham Road).

View a summary of the plans in the consultation leaflet and find more information on the consultation website.

Summary of Camcycle’s views

While there is definitely potential for some interim measures to improve safety around the Addenbrooke’s roundabout, the budget on offer will not go far enough in tackling the serious issues at this junction. The GCP’s proposal removes some issues, but creates new ones. We are particularly concerned about the lack of understanding of the desire lines of people travelling on foot and by cycle between the two sections of Hills Road and the worsening of the pedestrian experience. We do not support the proposals as presented.

We believe that a long term vision for the junction should be identified and consulted on first. Without this any short term improvements risk being redundant in the near future.

Consultation guide

Note that all questions are optional, apart from Q1, which asks if you are responding as an individual, a group or business, or an elected representative. We encourage you to answer as many questions as you can and include personal opinion and experience in the open text boxes. Below is the GCP’s proposal with the four key interventions marked as A1-A4.

Q2. How far do you support or oppose the proposed widened segregated cycle lanes and footpaths on each side of the Fendon Road arm of the roundabout?

Our thoughts: For a successful scheme at the Addenbrooke’s roundabout space must be reclaimed to allow for better walking, wheeling and cycling facilities. Whilst some space has been taken from the central island to allow for widened segregated cycle lanes and footpaths, this additional space has not delivered the infrastructure that is required. We believe that the proposed cycle track marked A2 must be bidirectional.

We therefore recommend you select Oppose.

Q3. how far do you support or oppose converting the current two-stage staggered crossing on Babraham Road arm of the roundabout to a single-stage Toucan crossing?

Our thoughts: Single-stage crossings improve the experience for people travelling actively, reducing delays and resulting in more people being willing to use the facilities as intended.  However the crossing should be located further away from the pinch point on Babraham Road.

We therefore recommend you select Support.

Q4. Having reviewed the proposals overall, how far do you support or oppose the proposed changes at Addenbrooke’s roundabout?

For the reasons previously stated we recommend you select: Oppose.

Q5. Do you have any further comments about the proposed improvements to Addenbrooke’s roundabout?

We have marked onto the GCP’s plans how each of the four main interventions need to be amended and provided summaries below. Please feel free to include similar comments in your response.


  • Converting the existing two-stage crossing on the southern arm into a single-stage crossing will provide some benefit to the existing arrangement but must be done alongside other improvements to ensure it is utilised by those who need it. Moving the island and toucan crossing up towards the centre of the roundabout will allow for the landing area between Babraham Road and Fendon Road to be further away from the pinch point, giving more space to people walking around A3.


  • The proposed one-way cycle track between Fendon Road and Hills Road MUST become a two-way cycle track to allow people to safely travel from Babraham Road to Hills Road and from Fendon Road to Hills Road. This desire line is completely ignored by the current designs. The additional space required can be taken from the central island of the roundabout, which the existing proposal already plans to adjust.


  • The design improvements can go further to ensure there is sufficient space for walking around cycling. Of particular importance is creating additional space at the pinch point on the south east corner of the roundabout near where the proposed toucan crossing landing area is proposed.


  • It is unrealistic and dangerous to think that people will be willing to detour such a distance from the roundabout to cross Fendon Road. A crossing must be delivered where the existing facility is which aligns with the desire lines for people walking and cycling. The junction should become a single-stage toucan crossing as on Babraham Road.


  • Improvements to the on-site roundabout on Main Drive are required. Without this many people will continue to cycle on the carriageway so that they are not forced onto a shared path which has no route over the on-site roundabout.
  • Greater priority for those walking and cycling is required at the three junctions giving access to the bus stops.
  • There must be an opportunity for cyclists to join the cycle path on the north side of Fendon Road from the carriageway around the roundabout.
  • Existing narrow shared paths should be widened.
  • There must be a safe option for cyclists to join the carriageway on the approach to the on-site roundabout if no amendments to the roundabout are made.
  • There should be a shared path through the green space on the west side of the A1 crossing to link into the existing shared-use path behind the bus station.
  • A long-term vision for the junction should be identified and consulted on. Without this any short term improvements risk being redundant in the near future.

Complete the Addenbrooke’s Roundabout consultation survey on the GCP’s website by midday on Friday 24 July.