Camcycle statement on the sentencing of Auriol Grey

On Thursday 2 March 2023, Auriol Grey was jailed for three years for manslaughter at Peterborough Crown Court. Her actions as a pedestrian on 20 October 2020 caused Celia Ward, who was cycling on a shared-use path by the Huntingdon ring road, to fall into the path of an oncoming driver who had “no chance to stop or take avoiding action”. Grey left prior to the emergency services arriving and Ward tragically died. You can read more about the case in this BBC article.

This is Camcycle’s official statement:

“All deaths on our roads are avoidable tragedies and this case is particularly heartbreaking. It highlights a situation in which people walking and cycling were placed in unnecessary conflict next to a busy road of fast-moving motor vehicles. Cambridgeshire County Council has committed to reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads to zero by 2040, but reports published this week show that it is not currently on target to meet this goal. 318 people were killed or seriously injured within the last year, leaving too many families suffering. No-one should be hurt on their way to school, work, the shops or to see loved ones. It’s time to turn positive words and policies on safe routes for walking, cycling and wheeling into action on streets across the county.”

Celia Ward, pictured with her husband David, was killed on 20 October 2020, aged 77. (Family image)