Newmarket Road improvements: 2023 consultation

Name of consultation: GCP Newmarket Road improvements 2023

From: The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP)
Time to complete:
15-20 minutes (plus time to read the associated information)
Format: Online survey OR email comments to You can call 01223 699906 for a hard copy of the consultation booklet. There are two in-person consultation events and one online webinar.

Deadline: midday on Monday 20 March

Eastern Access 2023 consultation brochureThe Greater Cambridge Partnership is currently consulting on improvements to Newmarket Road and the relocation of the Park & Ride site.

The scheme would include separate cycleways all the way from Elizabeth Way to the existing Park & Ride site, which are described as “generally 2.2m wide ‘Cambridge kerb’ segregated cycleways” (the type seen on Histon Road, Huntingdon Road and Hills Road). Footways are promised to be a minimum of 2m wide with ‘continuous footway’ treatments across lightly-trafficked side roads (as installed on the Canterbury Street junction on Histon Road). Cyclops junctions (as used at the junction of Histon, Warwick and Gilbert Roads) are proposed for the Elizabeth Way and Barnwell Road roundabouts, providing a protected and signalised route for people walking and cycling.

The Park & Ride is proposed to be relocated to an area to the south-east of the Airport Way roundabout. Two options with different access points are being consulted on. Both options could accommodate approximately 1,750 car parking spaces, bus stops, cycle parking and cycle lockers and a Park & Ride operations building.

Following this consultation, the detailed scheme is due to be finalised later in the year, with construction taking place from 2024-2026.

Camcycle staff and volunteers are working on a consultation guide to help you shape your response. If you are a Camcycle member, please share your feedback on Cyclescape thread 5332.