Consultation guide: GCP Chisholm Trail phase 2, Cromwell Road and Coldham’s Lane junction

Name of consultation: GCP Chisholm Trail phase 2: Cromwell Road and Coldham’s Lane junction
From: The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP)
Format: Online survey OR post your comments to:
Greater Cambridge Partnership
PO Box 1493, Mandela House,
4 Regent Street, Cambridge, CB1 0YR
Deadline: midday on Tuesday 6 September


Camcycle believes further work is required on the designs for the Coldham’s Lane junction and Cromwell Road. Phase 1 of the Trail has succeeded in bringing a large increase in active travel to this area. The success of the completed Trail depends on this area being optimised for active travel.

GCP proposals for the Coldham’s Lane junction with Cromwell Road.

We have put forward several alternative designs for the Coldham’s Lane junction which can be seen in this pdf. These show a variety of design solutions that could be adopted by the GCP. Camcycle is looking to work in a constructive manner with the design team to improve these designs.

One of Camcycle’s alternative designs, which gives more space and priority to people walking and cycling.

Along Cromwell Road, we acknowledge there is are numerous constraints which will negatively impact the user experience for cyclists. First of these is the existing lack of width within the street. Without removing the parking along Cromwell Road (which is extremely unlikely to be supported), the available space for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians is around 8m. This makes it impossible to create appropriate separated cycle infrastructure alongside a footway (2 metres) and carriageway (4.5 metres).

Within the GCP’s proposal the 8 metres is divided between a 4.5m carriageway and a 3.5m shared surface. Shared surfaces within urban areas create a number of challenges and almost certainly result in a compromised outcome for both pedestrians and cyclists. Based on this many cyclists will choose not to use such facilities.

Detail of the GCP’s proposals for the eastern end of Cromwell Road.

With this in mind, Camcycle proposes that a cycle street (a street in which cars are guests) could be delivered, alongside the 3.5m shared surface. We anticipate this would result in many cyclists using the cycle street. For those cyclists who still feel unsafe in this situation, the 3.5m shared surface will provide a good alternative as well as an attractive place to walk.

Narrowing of the carriageway below 4.5m would allow us to create a greater shared space which brings a number of benefits, however reducing the carriageway below 4.5m would create an uncomfortable environment for cyclists to pass oncoming cars.

Survey guide for Coldham’s Lane Junction and Cromwell Road

Question 1:
Answer based on your experience

Question 2:
Answer based on your experience

Question 3:
Camcycle recommends you strongly oppose both the Coldham’s Lane Junction and Cromwell Road.

Question 4:
You might choose to paste the reasons for your opposition from the list below:

  • Proposals do nothing to alleviate congestion at the Coldham’s Common cattlegrid entrance/exit.
  • The proposed junction fails to correctly prioritise pedestrians and cyclists and the proposed dogleg alignment between cattlegrids and Toucan crossing is unfit for expected active travel flows.
  • The proposed junction focuses on vehicular capacity by retaining the right turn lane onto Cromwell Road.
  • Pedestrian and cycle crossings are not on the desire lines.
  • The proposed junction does not adequately facilitate cyclists wishing to turn right from Coldham’s Lane to Coldham’s Common.
  • The proposed junction does not provide a traffic light for cyclists wishing to leave Coldham’s Common and join Cromwell Road.
  • The proposed junction does not provide the opportunity to create longer green time for people walking and cycling.
  • The proposed design will not improve cycle safety within the carriageway on Cromwell Road. A cycle street should be considered alongside the shared provision with appropriate speed measures for vehicles.
  • The proposed design provides a shared provision along Cromwell Road with an avoidable pinch point in width of 2.6m.
  • The proposed design does little to improve the existing junction to Nuffield Health Centre.
  • The proposed design includes no speed control measures for vehicles on Cromwell Road. Considering the number of cyclists likely to use the carriageway and the existing speeds of vehicles this must be reconsidered.
  • The proposed design creates an awkward and unnecessary shared surface on the east side of Cromwell Road by number 70.
  • The proposed design includes a ramp up which is only 1.2m wide, this should be ideally 2 metres wide and at a minimum 1.5m.
  • Where vehicular crossovers exist over the shared route, Dutch Access Kerbs should be provided to ensure the shared path can continue at level. Dutch Access kerbs should also be considered opposite plot 98, Hampden Gardens, Pym Court and Winstanley Road.