Mill Road 2021: what would YOU like the street to feel like next year?

After a hard year of lockdowns, social distancing and cancelled events, it’s time to begin to imagine what Mill Road could look and feel like in 2021, as vaccines are rolled out and the risk of Covid-19 subsides. Let’s meet friends again for coffee, visit our favourite shops, chat with neighbours in the street and enjoy mince pies and festive music at next year’s Mill Road Winter Fair.

It’s also time to relook at the issues our area faces such as air pollution, congestion, climate change and inequality. Despite the many challenges, the pandemic has meant our neighbourhoods have pulled together more than ever through mutual aid support, and the first lockdown gave a glimpse of a different world of birdsong and reduced traffic. A UK survey conducted in April showed that 91% of respondents did not want life to return to ‘normal’ after the pandemic, welcoming changes such as cleaner air and a stronger sense of community. How can we learn from 2020 and create a better Mill Road for 2021?

Camcycle believes that it is essential that the bus gate trial continues into next year, with changes made to the pavement-widening ‘build-outs’. We’d like to see these made more attractive with planting and built in a way that improves access. For example, replacing the water-filled barriers with temporary pavement-level tarmac would make it easier to cross the road at these points and easier for those with visual impairments or using mobility aids to use and navigate. Read more in our Mill Road FAQs blogpost.

Help us create a new vision for a thriving and sustainable Mill Road

Firstly, please respond to the current consultation on the bus gate scheme.

Complete the county council’s Mill Road survey before 24 December AND submit comments by email to Support the continuation of the trial and make suggestions for the improvements you’d like to see.

Next, be part of shaping a new vision for Mill Road 2021. Share the things you’d like to do next year on social media, using the hashtag #MillRoad2021.

Think about the ways the road could be safer, the air could be cleaner, local businesses could be supported and walking and cycling made easier. Find examples from other parts of the country – or world – and share them with us and your local councillors.

A new year is a fresh start – let’s celebrate the best of our unique community and begin to shape an even better place together.

Find out more about our views on the street on our Mill Road campaign page.