A Discussion about cycling and sustainable transport at Cambridge University

Cycling in Cambridge city centreOur trustee Matthew Danish has helped organise a Discussion in the Senate House about the following topic of concern to the University:

In light of the recent installation of dangerous and inaccessible barriers on the busway path leading to the Biomedical Campus, the Regent House, as the governing body of the University, will be listening to people in order to hear about how to ensure that the University enables and encourages sustainable transport modes such as cycling in all of its works and policies on and off the Estate, and how to ensure that when the University is involved in the design of transport facilities that those designs are fully accessible, safe, convenient and respectful of all users.

The Discussion will be held on Tuesday 3 March at 2pm at the Senate House and itĀ is open to all students and employees of the University Group and Colleges, all of whom are welcome to come and speak their thoughts.

Election to University Council

An election is being held starting on Monday February 17th at 10am, for the vacant seat in the University Council (visit the election site here). The Council is theĀ principal executive and policy-making body of the University. Voting is open for people who are members of the Regent House. There are four nominees and statements from each candidate will be published by Monday. If you are eligible to vote please be sure to check out the candidate statements and their ideas about how the University can encourage and enable cycling as well as better work towards environmental sustainability and zero carbon.