Pilot proves demand for street cycle parking in Romsey

At the end of July, Camcycle launched the pilot street cycle parking survey to residents in Catharine Street, Romsey. The aim of the pilot was to trial the survey in a sample area to understand how residents interpreted the questions and whether the results would provide useable data.

The key findings of the pilot survey have suggested that most respondents feel positive about increasing street cycle parking, and have seen street cycle parking bays before. It has also shown that residents are engaged with this issue. This engagement justifies the campaign for more street cycle parking, and provides a clear reason to roll out the full survey to other residents in Romsey.

Camcycle has also learned from the pilot which has signalled the need to continue to make the case for street cycle parking on the public highways. It has also demonstrated the continued reluctance of some residents to perceive ease of access to a cycle as equal to ease of access to a vehicle.

Image credit: Cyclestreets

In going forward to the full survey, minor changes have been made including updating the image of on street cycle parking to show what happens when there is not appropriate infrastructure in place. There has also been a new question added, asking respondents directly if they want cycle parking in front of their home with a follow up question asking more about their answer.

The updated survey will be open from Wednesday 29th August until noon on Monday 24th September. Campaign volunteer Simon Nuttall will be leading a team of volunteers to distribute the survey leaflets to the terraced section of streets in Romsey.

If you would like to help distribute the survey in Romsey, please get in touch by emailing contact@camcycle.org.uk.