Camcycle puts street cycle parking back on the agenda

Over the last few weeks, Camcycle has met with Officers from the
County Highways and Cycling teams to discuss how to include street
cycle parking in the rollout of Residents Parking Schemes. Initially
we discovered there were no plans to have any mention of cycle parking
in these schemes which are mostly aimed at rationalising the amount of
car parking on the streets. At a second meeting we brought teams
together and persuaded them to include cycle parking at the informal
consultation stage and provide a source of funding. Street cycle
parking spaces should appear on the detailed plans in future resident
parking scheme consultations.

This issue could not be more relevant right now with planning
applications on the horizon which do not provide adequate cycle
parking facilities. This issue has been a priority of the campaign for
some time, and has been spurred on by the successful implementation of
street cycle parking on Thoday Street in Romsey in 2015. However,
there is more work to be done and we are currently preparing to launch
a targeted survey at residents about this issue.

Camcycle intern Emma Pritchard studies street cycle parking bay, photo credit: Simon Nuttall

This key strategic campaign will be the internship project for this
year, lead volunteer Simon Nuttall and intern Emma Pritchard will be
collaborating on this project over the summer. The street cycle
parking survey is currently being drafted, with a view that it will be distributed to residents in October.