Mill Road Depot development – our views

The Mill Road Depot site is a site off Mill Road next to the bridge, proposed for a new housing estate (see overview of the proposals). The proposed development is a joint project between Cambridge City Council and housebuilder Hill.

We have written to the developer as follows, following our meeting with them on 10th August, and following a meeting amongst our own members to discuss our policy view.

Our views on the proposed Mill Road Depot development (August 2017)

"Approximately 230" dwellings are proposed by the developer. (This is an increase from 167 dwellings in the approved planning document.)
Approximately 210 car parking spaces are proposed in total – which we calculate is a car ownership level of 87%.

In summary our views are that:

  • We believe the development should be a low-car development. The proposals provide a level of car parking which is inappropriately high for the already congested Mill Road area. The proposal currently has a ratio of 0.87 cars per dwelling. This is far higher than the surrounding area of Petersfield which we estimate to be 0.5. We will object in all future stages of work on this development to any proposal which goes above this base level.
  • We suggest that there should be no at-grade car parking (except for car club, disabled, short-stay/loading spaces). This would mean 115 spaces in total, a level of 0.5, as explained below. This would mean more living space or decreased housing cost, either of which would be welcomed by buyers.
  • We welcome the siting and proposed width (6m) for the Chisholm Trail.
  • We welcome the overall street pattern and welcome the principle of permeability for walking and cycling but not through- motor traffic.
  • We would like assurances on the way cycle parking is to be provided for the housing units but are broadly content with the proposed direction outlined to us in discussions.