Camcycle requests correction after misrepresentation of our views on Tenison Road scheme by County Council to BBC

Camcycle (Cambridge Cycling Campaign) would like to make it very clear that we did not support the designs that led to the new layout on Tenison Road.

We believe that we have been misrepresented by the County Council in their and we wish for this misleading statement to be publicly corrected. (

Our views were made clear during the consultation period for this scheme and were submitted to the County Council. Our blog post published during that time can be viewed on our website. It makes our position clear and includes a link to our response.

We are very disappointed by this misrepresentation by the Council as it undermines the work we do to campaign for safe cycling infrastructure and may confuse the public about what that safe road environment should look like.

Our response to the Tenison Road Consultation:
We believe that the measures proposed will do little without action to enforce speed limits in the short term and to reduce traffic levels in the longer term.

The brief is too limited and the considerable amount of money set aside for the project will not be well spent. A wider brief would include:

– Traffic reduction measures with regard to the station by providing access via the east side of the railway line to lessen the volume of traffic needing to use Mill Road and Hills Road.

– The installation of fixed and rising bollards at various locations in roads in the Tenison Road area to reduce the flow of traffic along Tenison Road. This principle has been successfully implemented in the Gwydir Street/Sturton Street area, resulting in a considerable improvement to the local environment.


The new 'ghost roundabout'. Image (c) Al Storer