Chisholm Trail – action needed

URGENT: The Chisholm Trail is nearing reality  but needs your help THIS WEEK.

Your individual response required for the Chisholm Trail

Planning applications for both the Abbey Chesterton foot/cycle bridge and Phase One of the Trail have been submitted, but a small but vociferous group are using all measures to stall it!

Contrary to what will appear in our forthcoming edition of our printed Newsletter, we’ve had an update on the process for the Chisholm Trail planning application. Although dated 16th September, we only received a copy late yesterday (22nd).

It is now clear the the application for the Abbey Chesterton Bridge will be considered by the County Council Planning Committee, probably on 3 November, with Phase One of the Chisholm Trail going to the Joint Development Control Committee probably on 16 November. The formal consultation period for Phase One of the Chisholm Trail has been extended to Friday 7 October.

The crucial thing is that the formal closing date for the Chisholm Trail, Phase One is now 7 October. Even if you submitted a letter of support regarding the bridge a further letter is required for Phase One!

Link to the Phase One documents

You can email the planning officer at:

Please quote refs C/5005/16/CC (the bridge) & C/5007/16/CC (phase one)

To counter a determined opposition, it is crucial that all members write in support!

All you need to say is:

I/we as cyclists, walkers and supporters of sustainable transport in and around Cambridge strongly support both the Abbey/Chesterton cycle & foot bridge (C/5005/16/CC ) and phase one of the Chisholm Trail (C/5007/16/CC)

This route should enable many who currently drive to leave their car at home and hence make Cambridge a more pleasant place for all.