Bus stops

Cambridge Cycling Campaign strongly supports floating bus stops and would like to see this design used wherever possible, particularly along routes with high cycle, bus and motor traffic. There is clear evidence from Denmark and The Netherlands to show that these bus stops are vastly better than other designs for buses, bus users, and those who cycle and walk past the stops.

Floating bus stops / by-passes improve the bus-riding experience by making it easier for passengers, of all abilities, to board and alight from buses.

They make it easier to keep buses on schedule by reducing the amount of delays caused by pulling into and out from bus stops. The buses can stop in the road and do not need to wait to pull into the stop because of cyclists, and do not need to wait for gaps in traffic to pull out. This works especially well in combination with modern, contactless payment of fares, or off-board payment of fares which we have long campaigned for, the lack of which is a significant contribution to congestion on Cambridge’s busy roads.

Removing the interaction between cycles and buses will increase the safety of these routes for people who cycle, in particular children who should not be prevented from cycling to school due to unsafe road/cycle lane conditions.

The island also helps to keep the pavement clear for the people walking who are not waiting for the bus.

The new design may take some time for all users to become accustomed to, however we can see from examples abroad and throughout the UK that they are very effective and safe.