Weekly update – 26th February


Tuesday, 1st March, 7.30 pm for 8pm start. Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane, Cambridge. We’ll be providing an update on our rebranding project.


Cambridge News Poll:

Cambridge News is asking readers to vote for their preferred alternative for the Milton and Histon Road City Deal Schemes. Our proposals are currently tied for the lead. Have you voted?

Thanks for your Cyclepoint cycle parking feedback:

Thanks for all the feedback on the new station Cyclepoint cycle parking. We will be passing this on to Greater Anglia. Keep up-to-date here:

Reach Ride 2016 receives funding:

This week the County Council agreed to match fund the 2016 Reach Ride. You can keep an eye out for announcements about the event on our website or the new Twitter account:

Local Police recruiting a Stolen Cycle Support & Admin Volunteer:

Tasks include:
– To liaise with station bike rep in advance and obtain a list of pedal cycles held at the police station that need checking.
– Using cleaning equipment, thoroughly check cycles to look for identification marks and numbers.
– Match identification marks and numbers to pedal cycles listed and refer to Force systems and registers to establish details of cycles reported stolen. When cycles can be linked to reported crimes, contact losers and arrange for identification viewing.

If you are interested in this role please send an email.  If you have ideas for other activities this role should involve please join the discussion:

Western Orbital Route – City Deal Consultation/Barton Road cycle crossing and paths:

Do you cycle on Barton Road? A number of people are concerned about the safety of the cycle paths and crossing. This aligns with the City Deal Western Orbital consultation. We are discussing potential solutions. Share your ideas here:
Western Orbital Route: http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2288
Barton Road crossing: http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2257
More details about the consultation, which closes on the 21st of March, can be found here:

New Social Media Officer:

Have you noticed the increase in interesting content on our Facebook page? We now have a new committee member, Rose Eichenberger, who has undertaken the post of Social Media Officer. Our warmest welcome to Rose! Follow us on Facebook to see her great work: https://www.facebook.com/CambridgeCyclingCampaign


In this week’s Life in the Cycling Lane Robin recounts giving a new-to-Cambridge driver directions. Spoiler: It was easier to say “purchase a bike” http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/life-in-the-cycling-lane


Cyclescape is our discussion forum. Find out how to register and get started here: www.camcycle.org.uk/membership/discussion.html

Ensembling is our system for drafting and reviewing documents such as consultation responses. Register here: www.ensembling.com


Is there an issue that the campaign isn't covering, or that could be a higher priority? Tell us on Cyclescape, send an email to contact@camcycle.org.uk or follow the Campaign:
Twitter: @camcycle
Facebook: CambridgeCyclingCampaign