Arbury Road shared-use scheme

Cambridgeshire County Council has just approved a scheme to create a shared foot and cycleway on Arbury Road. Here is our response.

“The Campaign is disappointed at the Council’s continued reliance on shared-use facilities that work poorly for all users. In an area where pavement riding is a known issue we question the sense of a scheme that will add additional conflict. We have presented an alternative that would provide dedicated cycling and walking space, which could have been explored via a deferral.

This is only the latest example of the Campaign objecting to converting road-side pavement to shared-use between cycling and walking. We know the problems it causes for pedestrians and people on bikes alike, particularly at busy locations such as outside a school at opening and closing times. We feel that people have not been adequately consulted on alternatives and presented with this as an ‘all-or-nothing’ if they want a safe route to cycle with children.”