City council apparently charges extra to keep bikes in their garages

We have been sent a copy of a letter from a tenant of one of the City Council's garages telling them that they have to pay extra – £7 extra a week – if they want to use their garage for bikes instead of a car (or motorbike).

Clearly they are trying to deal with garages used for storing possessions or stock etc, but by the use of the word 'motorised vehicle' seems to us to be highly discriminatory and unfair.

All they need to do is remove the word 'motorised'. After all, what other commonplace non-motorised vehicles are there other than bikes? The word motorised has to be deliberately intended to previously prevent and now charge extra for the use of City Council let garages.

UPDATE 3 October 11.30: Cambridge City Council just tweeted: "Happy to confirm 'vehicle storage' can cover bikes, cars, motorbikes, disability scooters – regular modes of transport". Which is not what the agreement wording says, but sounds like it was sloppy drafting not intent.