Chisholm Trail is One Step Closer

The draft Cambridge Local Plan proposes to protect much of the land required for the Campaign's proposed cycling and walking route alongside the rail corridor through Cambridge. 

The Campaign strongly supports this proposal, known as the 'Chisholm Trail' and hopes that two valuable sections near to the main station and the proposed Science Park station can be completed as a matter of urgency.

This route would enable many trips to be made on foot or by bike that are currently difficult unless made by car.

Cycle trips from new developments at Trumpington to the Science Park would take around 30mins even at a gentle pace, as would trips from Orchard Park to Addenbrooke's. Shorter trips to open space, local shops or schools would also benefit from the route. The Campaign first suggested this route in 1998.

Jim Chisholm says: "Developing this route would be a good investment, creating alternatives to the car for many trips within Cambridge. Such trips would then be pleasant and stress free, being clear of busy major roads. They would also clear roads of many short car trips leaving congestion free roads for buses, taxis and other essential users."