Five Thousand More Bicycles

Cambridge Cycling Campaign is pleased to observe from newly released census data that the number of employed people cycling to work everyday by residents of the City of Cambridge has increased by almost 5,000, an increase of 37% between 2001 and 2011. This is in contrast with just 366 extra cars on the road.

In Cambridge there are now more people walking and cycling to work than people using buses, cars, taxis, or motorbikes combined.

Human power is now more popular in Cambridge than the internal combustion engine.

People using a bicycle increased the most in Trumpington, East Chesterton and Coleridge wards where the increase in cycling was over 50%.

The worst ward for cycling in Cambridge was Cherry Hinton with only 23.3% using a bicycle to get to work, an increase of only 18.9% since 2001.

Much of this increase can be attributed to the hard work of councillors and officers at Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridge City Council, for which we thank them.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign now calls for cycling initiatives to move up a gear, and for appropriate measures that continue to support more people walking and cycling to work.

Robin Heydon, said “Prioritising cycle paths over all side roads in the city, creating valuable time and space for people cycling and walking at junctions, more bicycle parking, and providing excellent cycle infrastructure for the worst cycling wards are all needed to continue this cycling revolution.”

Heydon continued, “Cambridge has grown with virtually no additional motorcar traffic because of the money spent on cycling. We now need to increase the investment in bicycle infrastructure to further increase the prosperity of the Cambridge region.”

This data backs up other recent evidence that shows that 58% of people living in Cambridge cycle at least once a month. 

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