AGM report

Thanks to everyone who attended our AGM last night, and thanks to our speaker Cllr Martin Curtis. A full report will be in the next Newsletter, but here is a brief summary:

Councillor Martin Curtis was our speaker, who spoke about the County Council's work on cycling. Half an hour of questions and debate followed. (Local blogger, Richard Taylor attended the meeting as a member of the public and his report lists many of the points/questions made.)

The outgoing Chair, Martin Lucas-Smith, gave a summary of the year, available to members on request.

Committee elections followed, with the following being elected:

  • Chair: Martin Lucas-Smith
  • Co-ordinator: Michael Cahn
  • Treasurer: Chris Dorling
  • Membership: David Earl
  • Liaison Officer: Jim Chisholm
  • Newsletter Editor: Monica Frisch
  • Planning: Shirley Fieldhouse
  • Events: Simon Nuttall
  • Press Officer: Robin Heydon
  • New Media (web) and Under-25: David Diem
  • Web: Neil Spenley
  • General Campaigner posts: Chris Howell, Klaas Brümann, John Hall, James Woodburn

A motion: 'Decline to promote events dominated by helmets & hi-viz' was presented by Simon Nuttall. After a brief Q&A-style debate, the motion was passed, with 44 in favour, 10 against (and 6 abstentions).

We've been asked by the media for a quote on the motion, and have responded as follows:

The proposed motion passed unchanged (44 votes for, 10 votes against).

"The Campaign has a position that we are neutral on helmets and hi-vis clothing – it is a personal choice. We have many people in the Campaign who wear helmets and hi-vis clothing.

"On our web site and in our newsletter we list events of interest to our members. In voting for this motion, we reserve the right not to promote activities which, having been checked, do not meet this requirement. If it does, then the event would be promoted just like today. If it does not then the event may not be promoted. Event organisers who wish to have Cambridge Cycling Campaign help to promote their event will have to think hard about their guidance to participants."

Martin Lucas-Smith, Chair of Cambridge Cycling Campaign added:

"The debate on the event helmet promotion motion was short but had a clear outcome. Of much more interest to members, however, was news on the Chisholm Trail, the proposed new 3,000-space cycle park at the station, maintenance problems and many other issues on which we are actively campaigning."

This policy was started in Edinburgh and we expect similar policies may be adopted by other cycling campaign groups around the country.