Station update

We have recently met with representatives of Brookgate, the developers of the CB1 site, to discuss some options so as to get the best possible arrangements for those wishing to park cycles at the station. Both sides are learning from this process, but ultimately any proposal will need to be agreed through the planning process.We expect to meet again before any formal submission of plans.

We have also learnt that some interim changes to cycle parking are currently in a ‘Station Change’ process. Once both this, and the final changes to bus stops have completed we should expect around another 200 spaces to become available. This should include double deck racks as a trial.

We are positive that major changes in cycle parking have recently been brought forward, rather than pushed back, following changes to the CB1 Section 106 agreement.

As always with cycle parking at the station it is "Jam yesterday, jam today, & jam tomorrow" We just hope the jam tomorrow is sweet.