Busway cycleway: partly open on 7 August, and now to be surfaced to St Ives afterwards

surfacing started
surfacing completed at the
Milton Road end, 2 June 2011

The long-anticipated tarmac surface is currently being laid on the cycleway alongside the busway. The cycleway is still closed until all the work has been carried out, but the County Council has now announced that it will open on Sunday 7 August along with the new access road into the Station from the foot of Hills Road Bridge.

Cambridgeshire's Cabinet has also now agreed to repair the flooded section nearer St Ives and to add a tarmac surface all the way to St Ives. (Previously it would have been gravelled from Swavesey). However, this work will not take place until the autumn after the rest is open. It is also very disappointing that the St Ives section is still expected to flood for a month or so each year.