Changed links policy

It is unfortunate that many sites remove or change links without setting up forwarding arrangements to prevent broken links appearing. However, we endeavour to ensure that our site links correctly to external sites where possible.

With this in mind, our policy for changed links is:

  • Where the text of a link in a newsletter article includes the URL, the underlying link to the new URL, if it exists, will be changed but the text will remain as it was; this is to preserve the integrity of the archive while ensuring the link is usable.
  • Where links mentioned in newsletter articles are no longer present and there is no new equivalent, the link will be commented out, leaving only the URL text ‘unclickable’. Again, this preserves the integrity of the archive but prevents the user coming across an error.
  • Where a website is linked from our site and appears to be down temporary, the link will remain active for a short while. If the site does not reappear, the link will be removed.
  • We do welcome notification of broken/altered links.