Website credits

A new version of Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s website was produced by Martin Lucas-Smith in Summer 2001, replacing the previous one which had existed since the Campaign’s inception in 1995. The old site, though well-maintained with content, had become lacking in structure, making it increasingly difficult to add new content to, and to manage and maintain.

The site uses the pureContent framework to provide CMS-like facilities but without the downsides this infers.

Technical information

The new site uses a combination of HTML (certified to XHTML and CSS1/2 standards) and server-side scripting and is designed with low maintenance and accessibility in mind.

Layout is done using stylesheets in CSS2 rather than tables, following conversion in early 2004.


Some sections use the excellent free FamFamFam icon set.


Many other people have contributed over the years to the previous site (much material from which has been ported over) and to the development of the new site.

  • A large number of pages were originally authored by Clare Macrae and Dave Earl
  • Conversion of early newsletters to HTML by Jonathan Whiteland, Clare Macrae and Mike Smith
  • Various National Bike Week / Festival of Cycling sections by Simon Nuttall
  • Technical suggestions from Richard George and Robert Whittaker
  • Newsletter webconversion: Martin Lucas-Smith, Mike Causer, Richard Moss, Robert Whittaker, Rachael Beale

Please contact the webmaster if we have missed you out from this list.