Website accessibility

As well as taking care to ensure that the website is compliant with XHTML and that it looks fairly identical in different browsers (as well as working in text browsers), various accessibility features have been built in. These include:


People with browsers supporting accesskeys can press keyboard shortcuts to move directly to the main menu elements. Typically on Windows systems, users would hold the Alt key while pressing the letter or number defined in the accesskey attribute; on Macintosh systems, users use Command and the accesskey.

For example, pressing Alt (on windows) and n takes the screen focus to ‘Newsletters’ on the menu, from where you can press Enter on the keyboard. The accesskey letters are the first letter of each menu item.

Resizable text

Text throughout the site can be resized rather than being fixed to a certain size. This feature is often to be found on a ‘View’ menu.

Bobby approved

Bobby WorldWide Approved The site is now Bobby Approved, to Priority 1.

Further improvements, such as table labelling, towards the guidelines set by the Web Accessibility Initiative, will be made as time becomes available. Please contact the webmaster if you have any suggestions or comments – feedback is always very welcome, whether positive or negative.