Cambridge Cycling Campaign – expenses policy

[This is internal policy as agreed by the Committee in 2007. The figure of £300 in bullet point (a) below is as agreed by the June 2007 Monthly Meeting.]

We will refund most reasonable expenses incurred in connection with Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s activities furthering its Aims. The Campaign is accountable to its members for how their money is spent, so expenditure needs to be handled in a formal manner.

Therefore, expenses must follow the same procedures as any other Campaign payments. So expenses must:

  1. be agreed in advance by two committee members other than the one to be reimbursed (corresponding to the two-signature rule for signing cheques), preferably including the Treasurer: expenses will cannot be paid unless at least an estimate is provided and agreed before the expense is incurred.
  2. be approved in advance by a monthly meeting for amounts over 300 pounds (or such amount as the meeting may from time to time determine) in respect of any one activity, except for
    1. regular and recurrent outgoings (which only need to be approved once; for example, items paid regularly on behalf of the Campaign)
    2. urgent matters where there is insufficient time to bring to a meeting. In this case, approval must be obtained as (a) and furthermore have no dissent from the rest of the committee, who shall be notified.
  3. be supported by receipts, invoices or other appropriate documentation.

Sums over £50 (but under £300) need to be agreed by more than half of the committee members, either at a meeting or by e-mail.

Expenses may be paid for

  • office consumables;
  • postage;
  • accommodation and subsistence for invited guests (e.g. speakers at meetings);
  • bills which would otherwise be paid by the Treasurer directly but which are more easily paid by personal credit card or in person (for example, internet purchases or room hire);
  • telephone calls;
  • travel to conferences and meetings (but see below).

Expenses will not normally be paid for members’

  • entertainment;
  • meals or drinks;
  • overnight accommodation;
  • labour or time

other than light refreshments available to everyone attending a general or Subgroup meeting.

A fair contribution may be made towards office costs (computer equipment, internet connection, heating etc) where a substantial proportion of the cost incurred is for Cycling Campaign purposes.

Expenses will not normally be paid for

  • car travel, except where there is no reasonable cycle or public transport alternative;
  • local travel in and around Cambridge (to committee meetings or general meetings, for example).

Where expenses are paid in respect of an event (for example, a conference) a report on the event will normally be expected.