Camcycle’s values

Camcycle has worked for more, better and safer cycling for over 25 years. As we continue to work towards our vision of a region where everyone feels able to enjoy the benefits of cycling (even if they don’t ride themselves), six values guide what we do and how we do it.

We are:

Father and son riding on a protected cycle lane


Camcycle is an open and democratic membership charity. We work to achieve our vision of a place that is safe and accessible for all types of rider and cycle, where everyone feels able to enjoy the benefits of living in a cycling region, even if they don’t cycle themselves. All are welcome to attend our meetings and events and contribute to our work. We strive to reflect and represent the diverse communities in and around Cambridge.

Professor John Parkin talking at a Camcycle monthly meeting


Our members and supporters bring a wide range of campaigning expertise and personal experience to our work. All our cycling policies are evidence-based and we actively seek out information and best practice from other places in the UK and around the world. Regional knowledge is enhanced by our close relationships with local authorities and community groups. We share information freely and widely via face-to-face meetings, printed materials and digital media.

Jim Chisholm with Cllrs Lewis Herbert and Mandy Smith at the beginning of work on the Chisholm Trail


Our work achieves change. We are respected by local decision-makers and our views are sought by planners and developers. We have 25 years’ experience of liaising with a range of stakeholders and are proficient at communicating with technical and corporate audiences and the general public. We continue to build our local and national networks and expand awareness of our cycling charity, so that we can increase our impact in every aspect of what we do.

Our work is:

Cargo Carnival 2018


We share a clear and uplifting vision of the future and are motivated by the benefits that cycling brings to people and their communities. We encourage local individuals to inspire others through their experiences and we share positive examples of cycling from around the world. We aim to set the agenda for change by working closely with local residents and groups, providing a supportive and rewarding environment for staff and volunteers and together creating a thriving and sustainable region of healthy, happy people.

Camcycle volunteer delivering leaflets


Camcycle is a critical friend to those we advise, providing considered and realistic cycling solutions based on evidence from best-practice design, on-site research and successful examples in Greater Cambridge and beyond. Practical tasks allow volunteers to get involved at a variety of levels from hosting events and delivering leaflets to writing survey questions and conducting traffic counts: all roles have a positive impact on our work.

Camcycle volunteer presenting ideas at our strategy day


We deliver effective campaigns which achieve change for cycling through the combined strength of our staff and volunteer teams, which work together to provide Camcycle with a range of highly professional skills and expertise. We maintain our reputation through high-quality communications to members, stakeholders and the public, transparent charity policies and a consistent and organised approach to our activities. We are proud of our successes and honest about our mistakes, striving for continual improvement in all aspects of our work.