Want to start cycling?

If you’re just starting cycling in Cambridge, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Child cycle training in the Cambridge area

Cambridgeshire County Council has run school-aged cycle training for many years (see this newsletter article on the subject). Training is presently delivered by Outspoken; see the County Council press releases below or contact the Council for more information.

One other organisation that might also be of interest is the British Schools Cycling Association

Adult cycle training in the Cambridge area: Bikeability

If you’ve never cycled before or haven’t been on a bike since choppers were in fashion the first time, you may be unsure about getting on the saddle again. Bikeability training is there to help you overcome any fears you may have and be confident enough to get out on the road as well as offering advanced training for existing cyclists.

Bikeability is offered by the local companies below. (Cambridgeshire County Council no longer provides subsidised Bikeability training).

Outspoken Cycle Training
phone01223 719594
e-mail team@outspokentraining.co.uk

If you are thinking about giving up the car and feeling a little healthier by cycling to work, it’s important to know which way to go. Many of us might simply choose the same route we drive but there are often quieter and quicker back streets. These are detailed in the Cambridge Cycle Route Map.

Do it by Cycle

‘Do it by Cycle’ DVD

In recent years, cycling has come to mean more than just a good day out. The more you cycle, the healthier you are. And the more we all cycle, the healthier we will keep the planet. This programme is packed with all the information and skills you need to make cycling a part of everyday life.

Watch the ‘Do it by Cycle’ DVD online …

Leaflets about starting cycling

This is a series of leaflets by the Campaign based on a feature in printed in the Cambridge News in 1997.