Suppliers of cycle parking: Cycle lockers

Several manufacturers offer units which have good rigid door assembly (ensures reliable and secure locking), and minimal site preparation (the underlying concrete slab can cost as much as the lockers to build). Some makers have worked closely with the Police and security agencies (Transec) to design lockers which meet the requirements for inspection and access required to security management.

Bikeaway provide a locker with manager’s override on the users lock, and a pack of key issue and rental agreements included in the deal.

Cycle-works supplies the Cyclesafe locker – with a long pedigree of secure and robust operation going back over 20 years. They also provide support for setting up locker management.

Broxap and Falco (Arunhithe) offer a range of lockers, as do Lock-It Safe and Haldo from Ipswich (importing Jan Kuipers products).

Glasdon are also a significant player, especially as they made the original models of cantilever steel cycle shelter, one caveat however is that some designs do not come flat-pack and thus can require lifting equipment and fully levelled bases to install the lockers.

With thanks to Dave Holladay, Transportation Management Solutions, for these pointers.