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Location: Near Over, Oakington and Willingham.

Number of dwellings: (Gallagher and English Partnership) 9,500 homes – 24,000 people. Employment centre, community facilities (shops, casino, hotel and guest houses etc.)

Issues: Progress of construction is likely to discourage people from cycling, woeful inadequacy of provision and lack of detail in the planning application.

County Council has over 70 objections to Northstowe application (April 2008)

A paper to Cambridgeshire County Council’s Cabinet meeting on 15th April 2008 contains over 70 proposed objections.

2.2. The contents of the application are unsatisfactory. This is particularly disappointing in light of the fact that the County Council, with other key partners, has worked closely with the joint promoters for a number of years. Despite requesting numerous draft strategies and key documents at pre submission stage, the joint promoters failed to share a large proportion of this information. Where the County Council provided comments and raised concerns on the limited number of draft documents that were shared, these comments have not been fully addressed in the submitted application. Consequently, it is suggested that the County Council should object to the planning application in its current form. The County Council has over 70 proposed objections to the application.

Those objections are then defined in an appendix. The section on cycling in that document is section 7.16.

Our views

Our objection

We have submitted a formal objection to the Northstowe planning application.

This should be read in conjuction with our new position paper,
Cycling in New Developments.

Official documents

Others’ views

South Cambs District Council

South Cambs DC have sent and published a letter to developers in response to Northstowe planning application.

“The cycling strategy is extremely disappointing, and the provision of only one cycle parking space per house is woefully inadequate. An imaginative and forward-looking cycle strategy with high quality joined up and comprehensive cycle routes ought to be at the heart of Northstowe’s special character (see 3.10).”

That letter is accompanied by a set of more detailed ‘Response Templates‘, of which Template 15: Transport is most relevant.

Cambridge CTC’s objection

The Cyclists’ Touring Club Cambridge District Association have submitted an objection.


Consultation until 7th April 2008.

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