Zero Carbon Streets: Mill Road For People

This article was published in 2022, in Magazine 154.

The traffic restrictions on Mill Road bridge, implemented as part of the County Council’s Covid-19 measures, caused huge controversy, as did their subsequent removal. However, the discussions that came out of these events did at least serve to make many local people think more deeply and creatively about how there could be a better future for our much-loved road.

Mill Road For People talk about their ideas on Mill Road

Mill Road for People was set up last year to try to find some consensus among different groups. We identified eight key goals (read more details and ideas about them all on our website at

  1. Create a low-traffic, low-pollution street
  2. Make Mill Road accessible to all
  3. Make Mill Road safe
  4. Encourage active travel
  5. Support and encourage a wide range of independent businesses
  6. Enhance our sense of community
  7. Provide reliable, affordable public transport
  8. Provide an attractive environment

Over the last year, we have engaged with many hundreds of residents and traders. The fact that we already have over 700 signed-up members shows how popular our ideas are. We have held street stalls, lobbied councillors, produced leaflets, and knocked on doors in order to canvass opinions and keep people informed of developments.

Reducing traffic and encouraging active travel is at the heart of our campaign. We want our councillors to deliver on their climate pledges. However, our vision is very much focussed on improving Mill Road as a whole, with a much-improved streetscape and facilities that will benefit residents, shoppers and traders. We are confident that the public consultation happening over the next few months will back our ideas and delighted that recent changes to the law mean that the council can now resolve problems around Blue Badge access.

To get involved in our campaign, please sign up via our website.

Liz Walter