Creating better jobs through cycling

This article was published in 2021, in Magazine 150.

Supporting local food businesses with emission-free delivery

Foodstuff delivery cyclist outside vegan cafe Thrive

Foodstuff delivers quality food from Cambridge’s independent restaurants by bike. A year ago, its founders identified problems within the food takeaway industry: it was booming, but independents weren’t able to make the most of it; fees were high and riders weren’t looked after.

Starting with five Cambridge-based restaurants in May 2020, they set up a bike-based takeaway service which is eco-friendly, serves only independent restaurants, pays its trained riders the London living wage and gives them holiday entitlements as well as insurance. By January 2021, they were going from strength to strength and had delivered over 10,000 meals from more than 30 different restaurants.

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Biking for good

Big Issue founder John Bird on an e-bikeIn partnership with ShareBike, The Big Issue has announced a new e-bike rental scheme launching in communities across the UK soon. In line with their broader aim to help people get back into employment, the scheme will create jobs and commits to paying the living wage as well as providing employees with access to support services.

The scheme is funded by subscription and advertising, meaning that local councils do not need to fund it. The organisers are asking local councils and business owners to work with them to bring Big Issue e-bikes into their local areas.

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