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Question 8 - we asked:

Would you support two way cycling on one way streets north of Mill Road?

We asked this question:

2 of the 5 candidates (40%) who were asked this question responded as below.

(Green Party)

In principle, yes. Many cyclists already cycle both ways down these streets so facilitating them would make it less dangerous and inconvenient. However, in practice, this is difficult. The roads are narrow and with cars parked on both sides, even when half on the pavement, there simply is no room. On St Philip’s Road, where a counter-flow cycling lane exists, it is frequently obstructed by construction work, cars or wheelie bins. An alternative would be to improve signs so cyclists are aware of which roads they can use to access Coldham’s Lane. To make turning across traffic easier, zig-zag lines prohibiting traffic to stand in front of Catherine Street and Ross Street should be introduced.

Nichola Jayne MARTIN
(Liberal Democrat)

I understand that for some journeys around Cambridge, two way cycling on one way streets is a benefit to journey time and safety of cyclists by avoiding busy junctions so in principle I support it. Practically, however, as Romsey is a small ward with narrow roads, the journey time is not much different if you wanted to get to Fairfax Road going up Catharine Street than Sedgwick Street.

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