List of respondents

The following is an index to all candidates who have submitted public responses. Click on the division name to see them.

Response rates by district Response rate Responses Candidates
Cambridge City Council: 73% 45 62
Fenland District Council: 50% 4 8
Huntingdonshire District Council: 9% 1 11
South Cambridgeshire District Council: 62% 29 47
Total: 62% 79 128
Response rates by affiliation (party) Response rate Responses Candidates
Cambridge Socialists: Yes 1 1
Conservative Party: 37% 11 30
English Democrats: 0% 0 1
Green Party: 71% 12 17
Independent: 67% 2 3
Labour & Co-operative: Yes 1 1
Labour Party: 62% 18 29
Liberal Democrat: 93% 25 27
The Official Monster Raving Loony Party: Yes 1 1
UK Independence Party: 44% 8 18
Total: 62% 79 128

This list is ordered by division and then surname.

Abbey [view responses]:

  • David Ian AMBROSE SMITH (Conservative Party)
  • Christopher John BROWN (Liberal Democrat)
  • Brett Mark HUGHES (Green Party)

Arbury [view responses]:

  • Stephen Roger LAWRENCE (Green Party)
  • Daniel Stephen LEVY (Liberal Democrat)
  • Paul SALES (Labour Party)

Bar Hill [view responses]:

  • Lord Ian BROUGHALL (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
  • Andy PELLEW (Liberal Democrat)
  • Teal RILEY (Green Party)

Castle [view responses]:

  • Belinda Margaret BROOKS-GORDON (Liberal Democrat)
  • Edward CARLSSON BROWNE (Labour Party)
  • John HIPKIN (Independent)
  • Richard Graham JEFFS (Conservative Party)
  • Nicholas David WILSON (UK Independence Party)

Cherry Hinton [view responses]:

  • William James BARTER (Liberal Democrat)
  • Sandra CRAWFORD (Labour Party)
  • Timothy James HAIRE (Conservative Party)
  • Megan PARRY (Green Party)

Coleridge [view responses]:

  • Shaun Peter ESGATE (Green Party)
  • Noel KAVANAGH (Labour Party)

Cottenham, Histon and Impington [view responses]:

  • Sue GYMER (Liberal Democrat)
  • John David JENKINS (Liberal Democrat)
  • Huw JONES (Labour Party)
  • Joe WEBSTER (UK Independence Party)
  • Timothy John WOTHERSPOON (Conservative Party)

East Chesterton [view responses]:

  • Clare BLAIR (Labour Party)
  • Peter BURKINSHAW (UK Independence Party)
  • Ian Geoffrey MANNING (Liberal Democrat)
  • Peter Harry POPE (Green Party)

Fulbourn [view responses]:

  • David SMITH (Green Party)
  • John George WILLIAMS (Liberal Democrat)

Gamlingay [view responses]:

  • Diane Paula BIRNIE (UK Independence Party)
  • Sebastian Gerald Molesworth KINDERSLEY (Liberal Democrat)

Hardwick [view responses]:

  • Adam John DUTTON (Labour Party)
  • Peter Robert FANE (Liberal Democrat)

The Hemingfords and Fenstanton [view responses]:

  • David John PRIESTMAN (Liberal Democrat)

King's Hedges [view responses]:

  • Fiona ONASANYA (Labour Party)
  • Ian TYES (Independent)
  • Neale UPSTONE (Liberal Democrat)

Market [view responses]:

  • Edward CEARNS (Liberal Democrat)
  • Sheila LAWLOR (Conservative Party)
  • Dan RATCLIFFE (Labour Party)
  • Simon David Francis SEDGWICK-JELL (Green Party)

Melbourn [view responses]:

  • David KENDRICK (UK Independence Party)
  • Angela Mary PATRICK (Labour Party)
  • Susan Elizabeth Kerr VAN DE VEN (Liberal Democrat)

Newnham [view responses]:

  • Lucy Kathleen NETHSINGHA (Liberal Democrat)
  • Peter SARRIS (Labour Party)

Norman Cross [view responses]:

No candidate for Norman Cross has yet submitted a response.

Petersfield [view responses]:

  • Sandra BILLINGTON (Green Party)
  • Keith EDKINS (Liberal Democrat)
  • Ashley WALSH (Labour Party)

Queen Edith's [view responses]:

  • John Frederick BERESFORD (Labour & Co-operative)
  • Amanda Joan TAYLOR (Liberal Democrat)

Roman Bank and Peckover [view responses]:

  • Alan LAY (UK Independence Party)
  • Robert MCLAREN (Liberal Democrat)
  • Steve TIERNEY (Conservative Party)

Romsey [view responses]:

  • Kilian BOURKE (Liberal Democrat)
  • Andrew James BOWER (Conservative Party)
  • Martin SMART (Labour Party)
  • Tom WOODCOCK (Cambridge Socialists)

Sawston [view responses]:

  • Adrian John FRENCH (Labour Party)
  • Michael Thomas KILPATRICK (Liberal Democrat)
  • Mike NETTLETON (Labour Party)
  • Tony ORGEE (Conservative Party)
  • Linda WHITEBREAD (Green Party)

Trumpington [view responses]:

  • Barbara Anne ASHWOOD (Liberal Democrat)
  • John Michael IONIDES (Conservative Party)
  • Peter SNOW (Labour Party)

Waterbeach [view responses]:

  • Eleanor Ruth CRANE (Green Party)
  • Richard GLOVER (UK Independence Party)
  • Maurice Leonard LEEKE (Liberal Democrat)

West Chesterton [view responses]:

  • David Aubertin GRACE (Liberal Democrat)
  • Jocelynne SCUTT (Labour Party)
  • James Andrew STRACHAN (Conservative Party)

Whittlesey North [view responses]:

  • Martin John CURTIS (Conservative Party)

Willingham [view responses]:

  • Martin John HALE (UK Independence Party)
  • Ben MONKS (Labour Party)
  • Barry John PLATT (Liberal Democrat)
  • Helen STOCKS (Green Party)

Camcycle is a non-partisan body. All candidates are given an equal opportunity to submit their views. Information published by Camcycle (Cambridge Cycling Campaign), The Bike Depot, 140 Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0DL.