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Question 35 - we asked:

Do you have any other general cycling-related comments or points? And what support have you given for cycling and walking, or sustainable transport more generally, in the recent past?

We asked this question in all 27 divisions, namely: Abbey, Arbury, Bar Hill, Castle, Cherry Hinton, Coleridge, Cottenham, Histon and Impington, East Chesterton, Fulbourn, Gamlingay, Hardwick, The Hemingfords and Fenstanton, King's Hedges, Market, Melbourn, Newnham, Norman Cross, Petersfield, Queen Edith's, Roman Bank and Peckover, Romsey, Sawston, Trumpington, Waterbeach, West Chesterton, Whittlesey North, Willingham.

79 of the 128 candidates (62%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Cambridge Socialists)

I support the Cycle campaign as a member for the last 10 years.
I have raised the campaigns aims through the trade union movement and affiliated my NUT branch.
Have lobbied for safer junctions, cycle priorities and reduced speed limits as part of my role as a ward candidate.
Have developed cycle Campaign materials in my work and promoted cycling to students.
Have been involved in several bus users campaigns and recently in the action for rail campaign.
Regularly contribute to planning and local plan consultations.

(Conservative Party)

I was previously an enthusiastic cyclist. The volume and speed of traffic I now find daunting. I no longer cycle as a lesuire activity having become a dog owner and walking has taken over my main form of exercise.
Many pedestrian routes, as with cycle ways are not fit for purpose.

Andrew James BOWER
(Conservative Party)

I joined the Cambridge Cycling Campaign recently, particularly to support its stance against the creeping de-legitimisation of those who chose to cycle without helmets or high-visibility clothing.

I have promoted cycling with lights, defensive cycling, the need to open up what I call value-added cycle paths (not the same as a splash of white paint on the road/pavement) which open up new options for cyclists, adequately sized cycle lanes (many in the city are not) and have campaigned to get speeding vehicles under control.

I oppose road measures that make life more difficult for cyclists, such as road humps. I have been sceptical of the culture in government of painting white lines on the road or sharing pavements and calling that a cycling facility. Cyclists need to feel confident cycling on the main highway, through promotion, law enforcement and training.

Here are some notes about commuter cycling in Cambridge that I wrote previously:


Martin John CURTIS
(Conservative Party)

I try to live a healthy lifestyle as a (slow) runner and a cyclists. I have had extensive private debates about the benefits of cycling for motorists with colleagues and will always do so. I will always promote the benefits of cycling and do my bit to promote it - but as part of a wider debate about the importance of mobility.

Timothy James HAIRE
(Conservative Party)

Beyond saying that I regularly use a bike but do not have the zeal of a convert as a bicycle has been my primary form of transport since I was at primary school. I want roads that are accesible to cars, bikes and pedestrians, in general the shared use model is my favoured route, the way Exhibition Road in London is now laid out is the sort of model I would favour. It is now a fantastic space for everyone who uses it.

John Michael IONIDES
(Conservative Party)

I feel that this survey is considerably weaker than those in previous years. Many of the questions are leading or include unrealistic simplification of complex problems.

In addition, there is an emphasis on highway-based solutions to increasing cycling uptake - and it is far from clear that highway issues are limiting cycling uptake for many demographic groups. It would be nice to see an appreciation of schemes that tackle the problem form other angles, for instance the County's own Cycle to Work scheme.

Richard Graham JEFFS
(Conservative Party)

I would like to see cycle light vending machines (batteries included!) around the city as they often get stolen. I usually keep two bicycles so my guests can cycle the city with me.

(Conservative Party)

We need to be honest about road use in Cambridge, stop trying to please everybody and focus on what sort of a place we want our city centre to be. Do we want it to be a calm and safe environment for those who live and work here, or a free-for-all thoroughfare plagued by heavy traffic? I am campaigning for the former, and if I succeed, then cyclists will have a fairer share of the roads in town (although residents will still be able to drive when they need to). I have been campaigning since 2008 on local issues. I advocate a 21st Century vision of roads in Cambridge one in which heavy traffic – lorry, bus, car – decreases in the centre; one which supports those who live and work here; and above all, which allows those who cycle and walk, to do so in safety.

(Conservative Party)

As a Cabinet member, I introduced gritting/salting of some cycleways close to Cambridge in the winter of 2012/2013, for example, on the Great Shelford - Addenbrookes cycleway.

I recently steered through Cabinet road safety improvemets at the Catholic Church junction in Cambridge, improvemments that should lead to greater safety for all road users including pedestrians.

I have supported cycleway improvements in the area that I represent, including the alternative route for a cycleway between Cambridge and Hauxton / Harston referred to above, the Sawston - Babraham - and eventually Granta Park cycle link, and the much improved cycleway directly from Whittlesford to Sawston.

On a wider scale I have consistently supported bids made by the County Council to goverment for funds for improvements for cycling, for example, the money that came to the area from the successful bid for Cycling Demonstration Town status for Cambridge.

James Andrew STRACHAN
(Conservative Party)

You have 1000 members across the City.

I have over 6000 electors - perhaps 10000 residents - in one ward of the City.

I must balance ALL their interests.

(Conservative Party)

My only cycling-related comment would be that we seem to concentrate
on road and travel cycling - but there are many other sorts. Sport cycling, camping via cycle, cross country cycling, BMX and the like. Not everybody wants to cycle to work. Some people want to cycle down a steep hill, through trees, every Saturday. That sounds pretty exhilarating to me. I might even buy a new bike... : )

(Conservative Party)

I always highlight the advantage of providing showers at the workplace. Such facilities are bound to attract higher-calibre candidates for employment!

As chairman of the Northstowe Joint Development Control Committee I invited your Robin Heydon to give us a presentation on continental ways of doing things (German, Danish and Dutch), which was very warmly received. I have no doubt that detailed planning applications at Northstowe will be carefully scrutinised for the priority promised for cyclists. I know you don't like orderings like these, but there is supposed to be a transport "hierarchy" with pedestrians at the top, and so on.

I have very much enjoyed this questionnaire and looking at the links as I have gone through. Keep up the good work.

I welcome representations from all residents, so any suggestions for improvements in this division are most welcome. Feel free to contact me directly: tim@rollingstructures.com

(Green Party)
The candidate did not enter a response for this question.
Eleanor Ruth CRANE
(Green Party)

I support sustainable transport by using it: I try to walk, cycle or take the bus whenever I can in preference to driving.

Shaun Peter ESGATE
(Green Party)

Cycling in Cambridge is a hazardous exercise; cyclists recognise this and make their way through the city trying to minimise their risk. The routes they choose sometimes brings them into conflict with pedestrians and motor vehicles, properly considered traffic policy can reduce these conflicts by delivering safer journeys for all road users.

Brett Mark HUGHES
(Green Party)

I would like to see some experimentation with differing technologies for the surface of cycle lanes, and many, very quickly, become hazardous and poorly maintained.

Stephen Roger LAWRENCE
(Green Party)

There are an increasing number of major cycleways which are crumbling - and could possiblly widened at the same time time as being resurfaced - eg the paths across Jesus Green.

(Green Party)

There desperately needs to be more space provided to park bikes near the station and in the town centre. Even when I arrive at the station early in the morning there is never anywhere to park my bike. In town cyclists frequently have to resort to locking bikes to railings and lamp posts which is not good for other road users.

There also needs to be better provision for bikes on trains. Trains have only 2 or 3 spaces for bikes, or sometimes no room, and you have to book in advance which is not convenient. I'm sure many commuters are put off from using the train as they cannot cycle either end of their journey.

In Cherry Hinton the cycle lanes need improving, and it would be great to promote and improve cycle routes from Cherry Hinton into the surrounding countryside.

Peter Harry POPE
(Green Party)

The best way to support cycling is to do it; carefully. The issue of cyclists without lights is frightening and High Tech Cambridge should sponsor a competition to design lights that are built-in to the frame, indestructable and always-on whilst riding.

I have supported the development of Chesterton Station with good access for cyclists.

(Green Party)
The candidate did not enter a response for this question.
Simon David Francis SEDGWICK-JELL
(Green Party)

Constant speeches etc to say that engineers should give total balance between pedestrian, cycle, bus/rail. Vehicle use in traffic planning. Support/advocacy for car free development.

(Green Party)

I am a member of a local SPEP and we plan to hold a sustainable transport day during 2013.
I regularly contribute articles to our village magazine on sustainability issues.

(Green Party)

I would like to see the reinstatment or creation of hedges along road verges and the guided bus, not only would it improve habitat for wildlife but also cut down on the wind for cyclists.
also better maintenance and gritting of cycle paths

(Green Party)

Other points: I am a member of Stapleford Environment Group which is looking at ways of increasing cycling in the area, eg by providing more cycle racks; by lobbying for 20 mph speed limits. I am a member of three walking groups. I have attended a meeting to discuss the idea of re-opening the Cambridge - Sudbury rail link, and promoted this within the Green Party.


I wish the Cambridge Cycling Campaign would devote more of its energy and time to publicising the need for responsible cycling.


As an independent with limited chance to make a difference with political voting likely to oppose changes in other areas, I hope to be able to make a difference in connection with transport in general and the appallingly dangerous and ambiguous state of Cambridge's roads and junctions in particular. As for my input personally, I have contributed to the CHUMMS and other studies on transport in the area, most recently with regard to the Science Park Station project. I try and cycle wherever possible and point out to other road users what they are doing wrong (not always received positively!) and I have tried to change the Downhams Lane to Hawkins Road blind junction, without success yet.

John Frederick BERESFORD
(Labour & Co-operative)

I walk and cycle when and where I can.
I've been a Prius driver for 5 years.
See comments above about electric cars.
One of our local issues has been the preservation of Worts Causeway, used by local walkers, as green belt. I have supported its retention.
I would support any campaign to ensure safe cycling locally, and safe walking.

(Labour Party)

Having spent four years recently looking at transport from a strategic perspective for the City area and wider County, plus being on planning committees including the major sites Joint Development Control together with a hands on element experiencing the reality of a major new development at Orchard Park right from its outset, I have a fairly good grasp of the key issues and that the planned growth of our City and its continuing success is dependant on an effective transport strategy which must reduce car usage as much as possible. Locally, both at Orchard Park and my home ward of East Chesterton, I put knowledge into practice whenever possible and useful which has included finding the relevant S106 clause to unlock c £46,000 from the Vie S106 for traffic management around that area and remove car parking from the junction close to the Riverside Bridge and make cycling down St Andrews Rd safer, signposting North Area Committee members to the NACTP to lever money from there for Fen Road, which is an unsafe experience currently for cyclists and pedestrians and a whole host of measures on Orchard Park including our support for Ring Fort Path. In the City I led the devolution of money, including S106, down to area committee level and I think the County need to devolve significant sums of transport money down to area committees to allow for local solutions to go through local scrutiny and gain agreement. I am not a fan of the closed Minor Highway Improvement Panels which have effectively replaced the AJC or of the way County operates to concentrate decision making in the hands of single members – be that Cabinet members or ward members - rather than engaging with communities and groups directly.

(Labour Party)

I’ve been a member of Cambridge Cycling Campaign since 2010.

(Labour Party)

I am concerned for the safety of cyclists in Cherry Hinton. We have had traffic calming there for twenty plus years ( I was a member of a pressure group which helped to get the traffic calming implemented).
The scheme is to be upgraded in consultation with local residents. The cycle lanes are narrow and stop at various points where cyclists have to give way. Also where they just stop, because previous road works have obliterated the lines and they have not been repainted. There is a problem with children and adults cycling on the pavement.
We need views of people who could make suggestions as to what would make the High Street safe for cyclists, and avoid future accidents

Adam John DUTTON
(Labour Party)

I'm relatively new to public life but have personal interests in cycling, walking and the environment.

While I lived in Oxford I did write to my MP Andrew Smith to ask about providing VAT exemption for the kit of mountain rescue teams if that counts. He was very nice about it and put some effort into looking into it but apparently it was a no go.

Adrian John FRENCH
(Labour Party)
The candidate did not enter a response for this question.
(Labour Party)

I am a member of Sustrans and I used to be a Safer Cycling trainer at Histon Junior School.

(Labour Party)

I fully support the aims and work of The Cycling Campaign. However, on the matter of cycle safety, although I do not believe the wearing of cycle helmets should be compulsory, I think people, particularly children, should be advised to wear them because they can prevent serious injury not just in collisions with cars but in bike to bike, bike to pedestrian, bike to animal and falling off accidents.

(Labour Party)

It's vital that participation in cycling continues to be developed in our area as an alternative to car travel and that this extends beyond the boundaries of Cambridge and existing cycling routes. Thanks for the opportunity to respond to your survey.

(Labour Party)

I've always supported environmentally sustainable 'transport', whether that means walking, cycling or using public transport. We have one car and three bilkes in a family of three and always use train or bus rather than driving wherever possible.

(Labour Party)

We are appy to work with the Campaign locally and citywide on further initiatives and opportunities and in addition, we also want to work with the Campaign to ensure quality smooth cycling on all main city routes. I fall into all catergories of road user, I walk frequently, cycle for leisure, use public transport and occasionally drive if and when required, as such a charter for cycling, walking and driving in Cambridge is needed given importance of modal switch, mutual respect, and clarity from police on what is enforced.

Angela Mary PATRICK
(Labour Party)

I encourage local groups to walk and cycle and to take more exercise, it is difficult for us in our village to rely on bikes to take us from A to B as we live so far from the towns and amenities.

(Labour Party)

I support the extension of cycling schemes throughout the city and the wider county. Improving the responsiveness of the County Council to potholes that are more dangerous to cyclists than drivers is a key priority of mine. I also believe strongly we need to increase mutual respect between all road users, be they drivers, cyclists or pedestrians (as often people are all three!) We should improve signage where cycling is prohibited, which is a public safety issue and to avoid upsetting, unnecessary confrontations. I will be a champion for any schemes that improve the quality of life for local residents.

(Labour Party)

The County Labour group strongly support cycling and the provision of good cycling infrastructure, including the Chisholm Trail, the new cycle bridge over the Cam, the improvements to the A14/B1049 junction and the dual use pedestrian and cycle path from Milton to Landbeach. What we have not supported is the County liberal democrat fantasy budget which was never going to be implemented anyway and which the County Conservatives also voted down. Our work on the County after the elections will focus on working with the Tory administration on the reality of how to develop and fund good cycling and pedestrian schemes across the county and make sure that local communities are fully consulted and involved rather than simply told about schemes already worked up.

(Labour Party)

I am committed to restoring the post of Cycling Safety Officer in Cambridgeshire to ensure better scrutiny of conditions and provision for cyclists. I make a point (and have always made a point) of walking or cycling wherever possible. I am also committed to greater investment in public transport to address 'transport poverty' across Cambridgeshire, and bringing buses back under democratic regulation and control.

Jocelynne SCUTT
(Labour Party)

I support the introduction of a 'Charter for Cycling, Walking and Driving' in Cambridge for cooperation and respect between road/footpath users, and clarity from police on enforcement and an evidence-based approach to policing in the area.

I support the Chisholm Trail and the River Cycle Bridge, consistent with Labour Party candidates for the 2012 City Council election in the Cambridge Cycling Campaign Survey of 2012 and as observed in the Cambridge News 19 March 2013 by the Cycling Campaign
spokesman: 'There is cross-party support for the new river bridge and the Chisholm Trail'.

I believe City and County Councils need to work cooperatively to ensure that building planning and road usage/traffic flow are taken into account in development and planning in West Chesterton and Cambridge/Cambridgeshire generally, and if elected will work with fellow Councillors to bring this about.

I consider a comprehensive, integrated approach needs to be taken to planning in relation to parking - including cars and cycles, and this needs to be undertaken in the context of proper, open and transparent consultation with residents.

I believe a fund/resources need to be earmarked for ensuring that improvements for cycling as a key strategy for Cambridge can be planned and implemented, together with initiatives for improvements for pedestrian.

I have taken up issues raised by residents that relate to road safety - such as the state of the roads and pavements and importance of ensuring that the £90m set aside over 5 years by the County Council is used in the best way possible to improve Cambridge Roads and footpaths. This I have done by putting questions to Councilors and Council Officers, and writing 'Letters to the Editor' to prompt positive action by the Council.

I have a commitment to ensuring that persons with a disability are able to use transport and pavements with safety, and have improved access to services generally. I have evidenced this through my professional work.

I am happy to work with the cycling campaign locally in West Chesterton and generally through Cambridge and Cambridgeshire on initiatives and opportunities raised by the campaign and residents.

Martin SMART
(Labour Party)

Happy to work with the campaign locally and citywide on further initiatives and opportunities

Peter SNOW
(Labour Party)

Happy to work with the campaign locally and citywide on further initiatives and opportunities.

Ashley WALSH
(Labour Party)

Cycling represents a convenient and effective way to reduce global warming and to encourage good health and Cambridge has historically supported responsible and safe cycling. Cambridge leads the county of Cambridgeshire on cycling and we should do everything possible to support cycling initiatives across the county.

If elected, I will be keen to work with the Cambridge Cycling Campaign wherever possible. I certainly will try to work closely with the campaign to advance plans for the Chisholm Trail, since it will be an integral part of Petersfield. Important planning issues in Petersfield, including the potential development of the Mill Road depot site on which I have recently been campaigning, must also provide safe cycling routes.

More generally, I wish to work with the campaign to improve cycling on all main roads in Cambridge, whether it be simply campaigning to resurface roads or to improve safety at junctions (as will hopefully be the case at the junction between Gonville Place and Hills Road). Potholes are a continual issue and the Labour Party plan to support 48-hour resurfacing of potholes to reduce accidents.

Other important sites include roundabouts; I opt not to cycle across several roundabouts in Cambridge because they are simply too dangerous. The Cambridge Labour Party also supports a charter for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists in Cambridge to encourage good relations, awareness of rules, and to support police enforcement.

Barbara Anne ASHWOOD
(Liberal Democrat)

Cyclists can sometimes be their own worst enemies, BUT I do deplore the cavalier attitude shown by some motorists towards them. Travelling in rush hour traffic is stressful for everyone, but until we develop a 'tolerance gene', we have to find ways of dealing with the problems.
I have been working with Cllr Caroline Shepherd on cycle related issues in our 'patch', also a South Cambs colleague, Susan van de Ven, trying to get the Melbourn to Cambridge route a designated cycle track, with a view to reducing congestion. Cyclists currently take their lives in their hands on the A10 and through the village, and this would also improve access to Addenbrookes and the 6th Form colleges. We are also trying to persuade the developers to honour the planning conditions for the new housing areas which stipulate the inclusion of safe cycling routes. There are currently major concerns over access to the new Trumpington Meadows school for children coming from Great Kneighton and we are trying to get these addressed. I am also working with Lucy Nethsingha (Newnham) re the Trumpington/Newnham cycleway which includes providing lighting along Vicar's Brook.

William James BARTER
(Liberal Democrat)

I would like to reiterate my commitment to safer cycling in the Cambridgeshire area. Where junctions are dangerous for cyclists they must be brought up to a safe standard.

We also need to encourage people to cycle. We want to extend the successful bike bank scheme where young people can get free restored bikes, cycle training, and an employment qualification.

Above all we need to maintain the quality of life - we need to make sure Cambridgeshire continues to be an area where people want to cycle.

(Liberal Democrat)

The main point I want to make is that cycling is integral to the continued success of our area, not a niche interest. It makes it easier to get around and reduces congestion and parking problems, benefiting the economy; it improves air quality and public health; and it is an extremely cost-efficient investment. We need to persuade the County that, rather than being a single issue or decorative extra that affects a few people, it is central to achieving the County’s aims.

One small improvement I have managed to get done locally has been to have our dangerous roadside drains on Mill Road replaced with seamless cycle friendly ones, which you can see here: http://kilianbourke.mycouncillor.org.uk/?attachment_id=1092 A small detail, but a big improvement!

Recently I lobbied the County to improve provision for cyclists on Perne Road junction, which is on the strategic cycle route that runs through Romsey to the railway station. You can see the plans by clicking on the link contained here: http://kilianbourke.mycouncillor.org.uk/?attachment_id=1096
This scheme will include improving the detection loop on the traffic lights at Burnside, which currently does not detect cyclists.

More generally Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats are passionately committed to sustainable transport and propose to build a rail link to Wisbech, to stop the Conservative cuts to our bus services, and to provide free public transport for the roughly 1,000 young people in our area who are out of education, training and employment.

If you have any questions please email me at kilian.bourke@gmail.com

Belinda Margaret BROOKS-GORDON
(Liberal Democrat)

I am grateful for the support and information I have received so far from the Cycle Campaign in trying to get roads adopted earlier so that cycle lanes are not parked in. It is bad enough that cycle lanes are parked in by cars, but I recently had a burger van removed because it set up business on a cycle lane at the NIAB development. I also managed to get the speed of Huntingdon Rd reduced from 40mph to 30mph. I have an ongoing campaign to prevent construction lorries thundering down Huntingdon Rd. I have managed to get agreement for a pedestrian crossing on Lady Margaret Road.

Christopher John BROWN
(Liberal Democrat)

Cycle parking is still an issue in a number of areas, especially at the Railway station and in a number of shopping areas. These should be progressively improved.

(Liberal Democrat)

I cycle daily, and do not own a car but understand that it is still a necessity for many Cambridge residents.
I raised the issue of lack of cycle access on the new platform bridge at the Cambridge station and lobbied for it to be resolved - as did Cambridge Cycling Campaign- amongst others. I am now working directly with our MP Julian Huppert on this issue.

(Liberal Democrat)

I am a member of CCC and Sustrans and have joined in publicity events such as the annual Reach Fair Ride.

Peter Robert FANE
(Liberal Democrat)

As mentioned above, I have long been an advocate of safer routes for cycling and walking, particularly in the countryside, and involved in particular in the campaign for safer routes around Madingley and Coton, which we have met to discuss.

David Aubertin GRACE
(Liberal Democrat)

I rejoice in and endorse the all-party parliamentary cycling group (APPCG)'s report and will work with Julian Huppert to ensure that it is implemented by government. I was instrumental in obtaining European funding for the Cuckoo Trail cycle path in East Sussex, which linked with another cycle path in Normandy. I want to explore the opportunities for European funding to support the Chisholm Trail and other cycling projects in Cambridgeshire.

(Liberal Democrat)

I looked back at my answers from 2009 and some things have actually progressed. We pushed for studs on the cycleway when money was tight. We have had an increase in cycle racks in the villages.I have played my part in putting the right groups together or encouraging schools and villages to apply. We have worked with our excellent local cycling officer and have been supportive of his brilliant work across Cambridgeshire.
We still only have one car for a family of 5 and it has an integrated cycle rack on the back especially for those days when the bike or the rider has failed to reach its destination.

John David JENKINS
(Liberal Democrat)

No other general points.

I have been consistent in my support for cycling, walking and sustainable transport (including buses and trains) and have a well-documented record in this respect. There are many examples on www.chilibdems.co.uk.

Michael Thomas KILPATRICK
(Liberal Democrat)

A year or two ago I asked (Duxford division county councillor) Tim Stone whether it would be possible to have a footpath/cycleway linking the Whittlesford station platform with Duxford, given that the A505 cruelly divides Whittlesford and Duxford and gives precedence to drivers merely passing through Cambs rather than assisting Duxford residents in getting the train or cycling safely northwards. Recently, Welch's Transport applied for planning permission on the field adjoining the A505, and on the plans were shown a footpath/cycleway which does actually as I had suggested (but no doubt will not happen if the local authorities do not put up the money). I take some satisfaction in having independently thought of a good idea that others have also had.

Sebastian Gerald Molesworth KINDERSLEY
(Liberal Democrat)

See above. In terms of sustainable transport we are currently working hard on a replacement service for the subsidised bus routes in the area and are looking - with some enthusiasm - at a Demand Responsive Transport system with scheduled services at both ends of the day. Watch this space!

Maurice Leonard LEEKE
(Liberal Democrat)

I was fortunate to be in a position to support the construction of the Carter Bridge and the Coston Bridge, and the replacement of Cutter Ferry Bridge, while on the county council before. I was unsuccessful then in my attempts to get a mandatory cycle lane on Gilbert Road. We also tried to overturn the cycle ban in Sidney Street.

Daniel Stephen LEVY
(Liberal Democrat)

It is important to remember that cycling is only one part of a bigger picture when it comes to transport and infrastructure in Cambridgeshire. Considering it at the expense of all else may end up hurting more than it helps. Also, the benefits of things such as public transport improvements and green energy policies to cyclists should not be overlooked.

Ian Geoffrey MANNING
(Liberal Democrat)

really wanted to say: cycling's good for all road users, but let's not be too millitant about it. Someone made a comment on twitter recently about Cambridge having high levels of cycling despite of its infrastructure: I think that's correct.

To correct that:

I've submitted a number of highways and environmental improvement projects in the last 3 years, many of which encourage or make cycling easier.

I volunteer with YouCanBikeToo – a charity which provides adaptable cycling.

Because of my engagement the new rail station will have cycle facilities spread out rather than in one corner.

From the £90m Lib Dems got the County to spend, I've submited a number of bids to improve problem pavements around East Chesterton.

The £100,000 I have got the County to allocate to look at traffic calming on Fen Road will also include enhancing the Water Street/Water Lane end to be two way for cyclists, and will make the level crossing safer.

I and City Councillor Susannah Kerr have a City Council bid in to make the cut through from the Cam to Fen Road easier for bikes.

The corner of water lane/high street in chesterton was stopped from being muddy because of me.

I held a public meeting into how the Green dragon bridge was used, and invited the Cycle Campaign to express their ideas.

New external cycle racks at the VIE were installed at my request.

(Liberal Democrat)

Recently i have helped to encouraged local residents children to use the newly provided schoolbus to Thomas Clarkson school from opposite my house here in Walsoken.This will help to take the parent's cars off the road at 8am.
The children closer to the school,some bike/walk.Maybe cycle dutch style cycle routes to schools?

Lucy Kathleen NETHSINGHA
(Liberal Democrat)

I think that the ability to use cycling as a major way of getting around is one of the best things about Cambridge. We should be rightly proud of the cities role in trailblazing as a leading cycling city. Cambridge (with the help of the Cambridge Cycle Campaign) has some excellent cycle facilities, but we need more!
I have been active in Newnham in getting new facilities and preserving older ones. I spent a significant amount of time discussing and finessing the details of the Madingley Road cycle path. That is now a much used facility, but small details such as the joint options for crossing Storey's Way, and the drop curb near Churchill Court were things I spent time on, and they make a difference to the route.
I also spent a year forcing the County Council to re-instate the surface of the cycle route along Grange Road, after the contractor messed up the re-surfacing.
The gritting of the route up Adams Road and to the West Cambridge site is an on-going campaign. The quad bike has improved it significantly, but I would still like to see a better gritting regime.
The thing I would most like to improve if I am re-elected is the lighting of some of the cycle paths around Newnham. I feel that lighting cycle paths is a key way we can increase the number of people choosing their bike the preferred method of transport throughout the year.

(Liberal Democrat)

Looking forward to the Tour de France coming to Cambridge later in the year, hopefully this will get a whole new set of people cycling!

Barry John PLATT
(Liberal Democrat)

Cycling is an important part of a healthy, sustainable, transport mix. In many ways we are lucky to have the facilities we do in Cambridge and parts of wider Cambridgeshire – my experiences in London in the 1990s were quite different – however there is always room for improvement and I support the work of your organisation in promoting this.

It is important however to recognise that cycling is part of a mix, and that it isn’t suitable for all people or journeys, particularly in the more rural parts of the county. Investment in improved cycling provision is required, but so is investment in better integrated public transport and in road improvements and essential repairs, which would benefit cyclists as well as drivers.

(Liberal Democrat)

CCC could write to all local employers requesting that they offer the cycle to work scheme to their staff.

Amanda Joan TAYLOR
(Liberal Democrat)

I successfully led a campaign to have transport Section 106 money allocated to lighting the Guided Bus bridleway, which is used heavily by pedestrians and cyclists. I helped a neighbour to run a similar campaign for improving the cycleways on Long Road, a key route to school. As a city councillor, I backed the scheme to link the Hills Road Bridge and the Guided Busway, and have campaigned for government money to be spent on improving local roundabouts, eg Hills/ Cherry Hinton Roads and Fendon/Mowbray Rds/ Queen Edith's Way.

(Liberal Democrat)

It's time to replace the stupid signs saying "Cyclists dismount" with "Cycle slowly" where cycling is clearly legal (e.g. Green Dragon bridge")

Susan Elizabeth Kerr VAN DE VEN
(Liberal Democrat)

We need to promote a whole package of sustainable transport options in Cambridgeshire. As a county councillor I've put a lot of time into improving access to local rail, which is a great resource in my area and offers everybody the potential to get around by public transport. We've got the student discount fare significantly improved. I've campaigned for the council to retain the principle of subsidizing buses in areas where commercial transport operators have not been able to run a business. The subsidized bus battle has had some success, with £1.5 million put back into lifeline transport, but still the network of rural bus services has taken a massive hit. A great concern for everybody is the state of roads, pavements and cycle paths - pot holes are dangerous for everyone, including walkers, people in wheelchairs, and cyclists, and it is quite overwhelming to witness the continuing deterioration of the network. I hope the council will somehow be able to get to grips with this very serious problem. We need more cycle paths, and need to know that they will be maintained to a decent standard. In this context I'm not sure how the county council administration can justify and indeed trumpet the virtues of 'local contributions' to the A14, which is the responsibility of national government.

John George WILLIAMS
(Liberal Democrat)

I'm behind our parish council pushing for a segegated cycle way along Cambridge Road between Cherry Hnton and Fulbourn. We're looking to the Ida Darwin housing development to deliver S106 money for safe cycling routes in the village. I've been much involved with improving public transport including conducting a public transport survey which led to the introduction of a direct regular bus service between Fulbourn and the City and working with parish councils to introduce an alternative service with Newmarket following the withdrawal of the previous one due to county council cuts.

(The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)

I have a disability scooter... Can YOU please include these vehicles in your programme
My "scooter" is allowed on the road because "it has a rear view mirror"
MANY times I have almost been killed whist riding on A14/A428 etc...
BAN THE BOMB..... and lorries

Diane Paula BIRNIE
(UK Independence Party)

I do think the younger generation do need to be taught to cycle responsibly. They must learn to dress safely for cycling and to obey the rules of the road. This should be part of
the school curriculum. In turn the motorist must be made aware of his responsibilities
towards othe road and pavement users.

(UK Independence Party)

Why are there cycle tracks on Hill's road on both the road and footpath?
Road space is required for motorised vehicles who pay for it. It shouldn't be wasted on people who don't.
Just for your information, I walk to most places in Cambridge, but you should bear in mind that if everybody cycled, there would be no roads to ride on.
What is "sustainable transport"? Is it using things that other people pay for?

Richard GLOVER
(UK Independence Party)

If elected my priority will be to make sure the Taxpayer gets good value for money and the Council Tax is kept as low as possible. We are all going to have to tighten our belts due to past over spending and the biggest deficit in history. We cannot just keep on adding to the debt.

I will fight for any money spent on road improvement to be in proportion to road users.

I have no intention of joining any pressure groups. I will be fair to all.

Martin John HALE
(UK Independence Party)

At the age of ten I passed my cycling proficiency test, skills that I've never forgotten and were useful for passing my motorcycle test at sixteen.
I would dearly love to see this scheme available to all, with the same pride of passing as I experienced when I gained my 'badge', a badge not given automatically to all candidates but only to those that gained a certain % pass rate on the day of their test.
I recently noticed advice given in the Cambridge News, saying that cyclists should give car doors a wide berth, this was taught to us as children - I would support a widespread scheme if elected

(UK Independence Party)

I suggested to the village website that people should be invited to list their regular journeys, especially to work, on the website. To give a simple example, if somebody leaves for work at Stanstead airport at 07.30 each morning, wouldn't that be useful information?

Alan LAY
(UK Independence Party)

I have written letters to the local, papers, there is one major problem, when is it dangerous for a cycle to be peddled on the pavement, by a 4 year old? 6?8? 10? this has to be resolved. In Wisbech there is few cycle lanes. The police prosecute adults riding on the pavements

(UK Independence Party)

I have no further comment at this stage and I confess to not having personally done anything very useful about these matters so far.

Nicholas David WILSON
(UK Independence Party)

I have a holistic view of road use and prefer to look at the big picture which takes into account the needs of cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, and delivery vehicles along with the budgetary constraints implicit in any infrastructure project.

I have seen three major accidents involving cyclists and motor vehicles and am concerned in particular about students coming to Cambridge for the first time, who may not have had much, (if any) experience of cycling, and may not be acclimatised to traffic driving on the left.

If I were elected, I intend to try and obtain accident statistics from the Police and from Addenbrookes to establish whether there is scope for an initiative to improve cycling safety, particularly for novice cyclists, and determine how this might be done.

As an example, there are a number of road junctions controlled by traffic lights where it would be far safer for cyclists to cross the junctions at the same time as pedestrians, rather than move off in front of the vehicular traffic. Pedestrians must retain priority.

I note the comments in your questionnaire regarding cycle lanes having priority over traffic on side roads. Unfortunately, granting priority to cyclists is not possible unless the vehicle driver has a sufficient field of view to see fast moving cyclists in plenty of time to stop. Where a clear field of view is lacking, giving cyclists priority would put them at serious risk.

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