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Question 34 - we asked:

The Department for Transport has now authorised the use of a clear 'No entry except cycles' sign, in recognition of the clear safety benefits of allowing two-way cycling, which means shorter cycle journeys and fewer junctions. There are a small number of streets left in Cambridge which anomalously do not allow two-way cycling. Will you support proposals for two-way cycling in Panton Street, Brookside (southern section), Union Road, Coronation Street and Norwich Street?

We asked this question only in Trumpington.

3 of the 4 candidates (75%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

John Michael IONIDES
(Conservative Party)

I think that there are good reasons why these roads are not currently included and generally I don't think it would be a good idea to allow two-way cycling on these streets.

Panton St, Brookside and Norwich St are all very narrow (or have narrow sections). In addition, there are good alternatives in each case, so journey distances would not be cut appreciably (in the case of Norwich St, it is hard to envisage any route that would be shortened at all).

I imagine that Coronation St and Union Rd would be wide enough to support two way cycling but the current parking patterns (esp the layby parking on Coronation St) would introduce the very dangers that CCC has raised in the past on Trumpington Rd by the Botanic Gardens. When you include the fact that it is hard to identify routes that would be shorted I think that there is relatively little merit in allowing two way cycling on these streets either.

Peter SNOW
(Labour Party)

Yes, where there is safely room for this, and also good signage ,education, and enforcement.

Barbara Anne ASHWOOD
(Liberal Democrat)

I feel we should be consistent in allowing two-way cycling - and as we already allow this in the majority of one-way streets, it seems ridiculous not to permit it for the rest. However, as a pedestrian/bus user, can I beg you to urge your members to keep within their designated lanes AND give clear signals rather than just assuming everyone will get out of the way when they suddenly decided to turn across the road!

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