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Question 33 - we asked:

Recent studies about improving traffic around Mitcham's Corner have attracted a lot of interest. What will you do to improve this intersection for pedestrians and cyclists?

We asked this question only in West Chesterton.

3 of the 4 candidates (75%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

James Andrew STRACHAN
(Conservative Party)

I'm not sure that anything much can be done for Mitcham's Corner.

Jocelynne SCUTT
(Labour Party)

At present, motor vehicle traffic dominates Mitcham's Corner. The Staples site is the centre of a traffic roundabout, where it could be a part of a thriving community hub and shopping centre.

The proposed Staples development plan (currently the subject of many objections) needs to be reconsidered so that development of the Staples site and of and around Mitcham's Corner generally gives increased priority for pedestrians, cyclists and the community.

The site cannot be considered in isolation from traffic flow needs and the historical background to the way the roads are configured. It is doubtful that the road configuration needs to continue 'as is'. This site is a perfect example of the need for City and County Council cooperation and consultation. I would seek this cooperation, together with taking into account residents' views and those of business owners in the area (who are concerned about parking and other aspects), so that a sensible, forward-looking plan is developed placing pedestrians, cyclists and the community at its core.

David Aubertin GRACE
(Liberal Democrat)

Liberal Democrat councillors took part in the workshops organised by Cambridge University's Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment programme and I join them in fully supporting the proposals presented there. Any development on the Staples site or elsewhere within the Mitcham's Corner system must not be permitted to prejudice future redesign of the whole area.

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