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Question 32 - we asked:

Green Dragon Bridge currently has ‘cyclists dismount’ signs, which mean that people can legally cycle over it but that the landowner advises that people do so at their own risk. The Bridge is wider than many shared use paths over which there have not been complaints. Do you support our view that legal cycling should remain permitted, that the signs should read 'Cyclists give way to pedestrians' and that conflict would be reduced by removing barriers to increase the amount of space here?

We asked this question in these 2 divisions: Abbey, East Chesterton.

7 of the 9 candidates (78%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

The proposal regarding signage and barrier removal again has some merit.
If I have concern it would be the speed at which some cyclist travel. This matter needs careful conderation for the benifit of all users.

Brett Mark HUGHES
(Green Party)

Yes I do.

Peter Harry POPE
(Green Party)

I have used the Green Dragon bridge for 35 years. Cyclists should certainly give way to pedestrians but I would take advice from professionals over the removal of barriers. There are occasionally issues with cyclists locking bikes to the railings and obstructing access.

(Labour Party)

The bridge is a narrow structure with steep inclines coming out onto Water Street close to a blind bend and a busy pub garden area with people frequently crossing the road from the pub entrance to the pub garden. Any proposed changes here must go through full local consultation. On the Stourbridge Common side any proposed changes to improve how cyclists come off the bridge - and there may well be scope to alter the paths at the bottom - must take into account the need to protect Stourbridge Common. The bridge is used daily by hundreds of cyclists along with pedestrians, many of whom are also dog walkers. When crossing it myself I dismount and walk over and enjoy the view. All indications at present are that residents who have lived besides and used this bridge for decades and the pub, which is a vital business for East Chesterton, consider the barriers necessary to slow down cyclists and so any proposals for changes will need to make a very convincing case to them if they are to be accepted.

Christopher John BROWN
(Liberal Democrat)

I have not found it an issue to dismount from my bike for the short distance across the Green Dragon Bridge and given that I have seen many pedestrians with pushchairs crossing this bridge, it is probably safest to request cyclists to dismount.

Ian Geoffrey MANNING
(Liberal Democrat)

The question should not be about the legal meaning of the signs, but about how we want the bridge to operate in future.

Again the approach should be evidence based: there is already money allocated to work on this, and how that money is spent should be based on facts.

I held a public meeting March (which the cycle campaign were invited to & attended) to gather opinions.

Many residents say here is a problem of inconsiderate cycling & pedestrian/cycle cafety that needs addressing.

The majority of considerate cyclists and pedestrians should not suffer because of the actions of an inconsiderate minority.

If re-elected I would conduct a survey on the bridge to identify when/if there are near misses/conflicts, as well as getting data from the County on its view on the same.

If there are any cyclists who are inconsiderate I would get a regular police presence to discourage the behaviour.

(UK Independence Party)

I don't use Green Dragon bridge, so am not able to make an informed comment.
However, I am constantly subjected to verbal abuse from cyclist riding of the footbridge
at Jesus Lock when I ask them to stop ignoring the please dismount signs.

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