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Question 27 - we asked:

Do you agree that the provision for cyclists in Over wanting to join the Guided Busway Cycleway towards Cambridge are wholly inadequate, and what would you propose to do about access here?

We asked this question only in Willingham.

4 of the 5 candidates (80%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Green Party)

The cycle path which connects Over to the guided bus does not extend to the village itself, it only covers the road where it is straight with good visibility. As you enter Over the road is bendy, with bad visibility and has a poor road surface - therefore extending the cycle path all the way into the village is necessary. There is not enough space along the pavement to have one. So either have a lane marked out in the road or look to divert it so that it enters Over from a different route.
Also the cycle path into longstanton does not extend into the village - which should also be an issue

(Labour Party)

Access here isn't ideal and short of using the Station Road route out of Over, there isn't a more direct off road alternative. I'd want to look at the current paths which run from the south of the Norman Way Industrial Estate on Longstanton Road in Over to the Busway. Constructing a viable ramp between the Busway and Windmill Bridge would need to take into account low visibility from a fast road due to the hump of the bridge.

Barry John PLATT
(Liberal Democrat)

There are a few options here that could make a small improvement, but it seems the ideal solution would involve finding an alternative route or constructing a new path along some or all of the route into Over.

Martin John HALE
(UK Independence Party)

When I have ridden this route and on this cycle path I have never found it a problem, it has always been at weekends. I have noticed that during the week schoolchildren are very close to the traffic when using the cycle path, If elected I would be open to any suggestions by yourselves as to your proposals for this particular route and a way of perhaps extending it more into the village

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