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Question 25 - we asked:

What are your views on cycling provisions for commuting into Cambridge from Cottenham, Histon and Impington? Are the existing facilities adequate (and why or why not)?

We asked this question only in Cottenham, Histon and Impington.

5 of the 9 candidates (56%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

Your question asks whether adequate, and the answer has to be yes, it does the job. Ideal? No, but we all know the story. All the same, I give this one high marks. It has succeeded in enticing almost all of us cyclists off the road. Before the widening and smooth surfacing most cyclists (including me) preferred the road. Drivers behind would get very bad-tempered, but I only ever gave way to buses. (The speed limit on the road has been reduced too.) Pity about the mud, sand, gravel and broken glass opposite the skips place.

(Labour Party)

I have lived in Histon for 20 years and provision has improved during that time. Congestion in Histon/Impington at peak time remains a problem which discourages cycling for the 'school run'. Parts of Cottenham High Street would benefit from cycle lanes that would offer a measure of security.

(Liberal Democrat)

Commuting is more complex than providing a good cycle route, are there adequate facilities at work and are employers flexible if the journey is interrupted by a puncture or broken cable?
The routes needs maintaining, sweeping and gritting. The entrance crossing in Cottenham is unsafe and I hope will be rectified when money becomes available. People aren't just going into the centre of Cambridge so well signed routes/ maps/ apps are useful for other destinations.
A14 crossing and internal village routes are issues to also work on.

John David JENKINS
(Liberal Democrat)

The lanes along Histon Road in Cambridge are inadequate.

Crossing the A14 is a problem but will be sorted shortly.

Route through Histon is a little problematic by the Green

see above answer to Q7

(UK Independence Party)

I have no recent first hand experience of that route, but most of it doesn't look too bad once you get as far as the cycle lane on Histon Road, Cottenham. Coming from slightly further out, getting on and off the cycleway between Rampton and Cottenham is a bit difficult and dangerous and the surface of the cycleway itself is bad (see above!) so many cyclists (not me) evidently prefer to use the road rather than the cycleway.

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